When You Live Near Family...

Ever since we got married, Joe and I have lived 10 minutes away from our parents. For some people, that might sound like a nightmare, but for us, it's been a lot of fun and really helpful. Living close to family makes creating traditions and family time a lot easier. We live in neighboring cities and it definitely has its perks.

Living close to family might not see like a plus to some people but it has its perks.

When you live near family...

Your mom will come over to clean your house and help you with your new baby.

Over the past four weeks, my mom and our other family members have been really helpful while we've adjusted to our new addition. It's nice having them close enough that they can visit and help us out on a regular basis and we all still have our own space so we don't drive each other crazy either.

You get to spend time with them on a weekly basis and your kids will grow up being best friends with their cousins.

We get together with both of our families once a week, sometimes more often. The nieces and nephews get excited to see each other and are sad when they have to leave. I'm glad that my kids will get to grow up having such a close relationship with their cousins, aunts and uncles. 

You have a team of people with a variety of skills willing to come and help you work on your house.

During our home renovation and as we've been finishing things up since, our family has been there to help us with all of the projects that we've taken on. We've been learning new skills from them.

You'll never have a shortage of babysitters.

Maybe it's because Bensen is the first grandkid in one family and the first baby five years in the other, but we have been ambushed with offers to babysit from both sides of our families. We get baby free date nights and our families get extra baby cuddles in.

Do you live near family? What benefits do you see from it?