When Life Happens, Support Each Other

This week, life happened and it didn't happen in the way I'd planned or expected. For me, it was a huge deal because I'm a planner who doesn't do well with last minute change that I haven't had time to plan for. Now more than ever, I'm grateful for a husband who enthusiastically supports the crazy adventures that life brings our way because without him, I'd be more of a stressed out mess than I already am.

When Life Happens, Support Each Other

To make a long story short, the next three months of my life turned upside down on Monday. I have really been enjoying the break from school and homework and all of the stress that finishing up my associates degree brought. My plan was to take a semester break, maybe start an independent study class in the spring and jump into my bachelors degree in the fall. I've been feeling burnt out  and I needed some time to recharge and find my motivation for learning again. 

When I was officially declaring my Family Studies major on Monday (my associates degree major was just generals, for any of you who are confused), my academic advisor mentioned something about the order I needed to take my classes in and it didn't match the timeline I'd set that worked nicely with my full time job and other life plans. I started to panic until she mentioned that this semester they'd started a night class program for my major at the campus close to me. I was relieved until I found out that I needed to register and start classes this week. That was not my idea of fun! *cue tension headache* I spent the rest of the day signing up for classes, ordering books, paying tuition and rearranging my schedule for the next three months.

Supporting Each Other

Joe has been so great about the whole thing! While I was stressing out, he was encouraging and got excited for me. He was completely on board and told me to go for it without any hesitation. He's coming home early enough to pick Howie up and take him to puppy class on Tuesdays when I would usually take him or meet Joe there. He even offered to make dinner every night that I have class, and I would take him up on that offer if it didn't mean I'd be having spaghettios and toast two times a week, every week I think I'll just prepare casseroles ahead of time or put something in the crockpot instead. When I told him how much tuition and books would be, he didn't groan or complain, even though we hadn't been planning or saving for them and that meant taking money away from our house savings. Joe doesn't like school and will never go, but he completely supports my decision to get my degree and never entertains the idea of me quitting to save money or lessen our stress. He understands that school is a priority for me and makes putting me through a priority for him as well.

No matter what challenges or obstacles come your way, make sure that you are always supporting each other in marriage.

In marriage, we need to be there for each other through good times and bad. Your spouse needs someone to hold their hand when life gets rough just as much as you do. Celebrate your joys and successes together and be happy for the things your spouse has accomplished. Be the best friend and spouse they could ask for and they'll do the same in return. We all need a shoulder to lean on, and for me, that shoulder is my husband!

How has your spouse supported your dreams or held you up through trials?