What Works for Us Might Not Work for You - Why I Write About Marriage

Marriage is one of those topics that a lot of people stray away from writing about, yet, I've chosen to focus my entire blog on that one topic. Narrowing my focus and deciding to make marriage and relationships the center of every blog post made me a little nervous. I was afraid that by limiting my subject matter, I would run out of things to write about really quickly. I've been pleasantly surprised by the fact that the complete opposite seems to be true. I have an overabundance of blog post ideas!

My goal with this blog is to inspire other wives to put their marriage first and put forth effort every day to make that relationship the best that it can be. If you want your marriage to be strong, you have to work on it continuously, and always be looking for things you can improve upon. It's important to not only set goals and work together as a couple, but look at what you can do personally to help your marriage be amazing! I want to help everyone remember that marriage doesn't always have to be about grown up responsibilities and big life decisions, you should take time to have fun with your best friend on a daily basis!

I realize that everyone's marriage is different and what works for one person won't necessarily work for the next. I love to share what I am learning in my journey through marriage, in my studies at school and from being inspired by all of you! My purpose when blogging is not to say, "This is what you HAVE to be doing to have a successful marriage". I do want to encourage wives to look at their marriage and find the things that they could be doing differently or that they need to be better at.

I've heard a lot of wives say that marriage bloggers and bloggers in general sometimes only share the perfect parts of their life, making them feel discouraged when their relationship isn't like that and then they feel like they are doing so many things wrong. My marriage is quirky and fun and extremely not perfect and I never want it to seem otherwise. It's one of the reasons I share stories like how Joe saved his farts for marriage, or how moving last summer really challenged our marriage. We may have great conversations about hard things like finances and our budget, but at the same time, we can't stop arguing about how, when and what each other cleans. Every marriage has its strengths and every marriage has its weaknesses. My hope is that I accurately portray what our relationship looks like, giving you something that you can relate to and maybe even be inspired by. In return, I love that all of you give me suggestions and inspire me in the areas of my marriage and my role as a wife that have obvious room for improvement.

I have a passion for marriage and family relationships. I am majoring in Family Studies and my emphasis has a lot to do with communication, and managing conflict for healthy relationships. I want to use my degree to further my goals here on the blog and become a marriage and family life educator in my community. I want to share my passion with others and help them become excited about their own relationships and making them better. Marriages are such an important relationship and we should never take them for granted!