What Joe's Smile Tells Me About Him

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One when he talks about money, politics or something else that he's passionate about.

One when he lets me take a picture that he doesn't really want to be in. 

One when my silly side takes over and he thinks I'm crazy.

One when he lets a silent stink bomb loose in the room.

One when he and Howie are cuddling, playing or harassing each other.

And one that is reserved just for me.

One of the first things that attracted me to Joe was his smile. I love that you can tell he's smiling just by looking at his eyes and how crinkly they get when he's laughing really hard. When he's up to no good or does something he knows will get him in trouble, there is mischief in his eyes and he has a smile to match. I can honestly say that I rarely see Joe frown or look upset. It's easy to get a smile or a laugh out of him and it makes my day when I can!

A smile can tell you so much about someone and it's one of the first things people notice when they are meeting someone for the first time. I've heard people say that they can even tell if someone is smiling or not over the phone. If you always have a smile on your face, people will notice, and you will seem more approachable and friendly!

I used to be extremely self conscious about my smile. My teeth have always been an issue; I've had braces twice, I once had alligator mouth because my permanent teeth grew in before the baby teeth fell out, my roots never liked to dissolve and the majority of my teeth had to be pulled by a dentist or orthodontist (I didn't lose my last tooth until I was a junior in high school), I've had mouth surgery because of my non-dissolving roots and for a long time I had a gap in my two front teeth. After many dentist visits, and dedication to my retainer and painful elastics, my smile has become something that I am proud of and feel confident sharing with others. I'll never have movie star teeth, but my smile is mine and I do my best to keep it looking great!

Does your husband have different smiles? What are they?

P.S. This post was inspired by one of my favorite chick flicks, do you know which one? ;)