What I Love About Our Relationship

I love that we both try hard to support each other in everything we do in life.

I love that we have inside jokes and know exactly what the other person is thinking with just a look.

I love that Joe knows that I am easily distracted when I'm doing homework and isn't afraid to give me crap when he catches me checking social media.

I love that even after we've been together for more than three years, we still have things to learn about each other.

I love the way we flirt, joke around and are sarcastic with each other. Arguing about silly things is what we do best and we always end up laughing in the end.

I love that money and finances are a positive topic in our relationship. I love that even thought I'm a spender and Joe is a saver, we've been able to compromise and balance each other out to make the perfect time.

I love that even though our marriage isn't always full of romance and our relationship has changed a lot since the days when we were dating, there is never any doubt that Joe loves me just as much and would do almost anything for me.

But most of all...

I love us!!!

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What do you love the most about your relationship?