We've Been Learning to Compromise

Throughout this move and home renovation, Joe and I have gotten better at compromising and finding common ground on things that we're not really willing to completely give in on. We're both fairly stubborn people so compromise isn't something that I feel comes easily to either of us. When we really want something, we usually stand firm until the other caves or nothing happens because neither of us are willing to give in. But with all of the decisions that come with purchasing a house and making it ours, compromising is something that we've had to do often and I think we're getting better at it!

Joe really didn't want a purple wall in our house (I found this out as he was painting the wall purple) but because it is something that I've always wanted and I think because I didn't beg him to let me paint the whole room purple, he painted the wall for me and even did it as a birthday present when I hadn't been expecting it to happen for a few months! He would have much rather left the entire room grey and white and clean, and I really would have loved to paint the entire top half of the room purple like in the pin below. But we were both able to compromise!

When it comes to the yard, Joe aka Mow Joe has total control. Well.. sort of... He's been willing to compromise with me on a flower bed area in our front yard (I think) that he wants to fill with rocks and just have potted plants in and I really want to fill with flowers that are not confined to pots. There have been a lot of different ideas tossed around, mainly by Joe, about how awesome each of our ways of doing things could be, but I think the ultimate decision has been to let me do what I want with the flower bed, as long as I keep it weeded and the plants in it don't invade the grass area around them.

We turned one of our upstairs bedrooms into an office, and as painful as it is for me, I'm letting Joe do whatever he wants in there. He can hang whatever pictures he wants, he can leave messes all over the desk, and we're even putting an over sized arm chair in the room. I'll store my craft supplies and a few other things in the room, but because I don't anticipate using it very often, it will become a "man cave" of sorts. (Although, Joe's also trying to claim the basement bedroom as a man cave at the moment...)

There have been a few things that both of us have remained stubborn on, and one or the other has had to just give in and think the other is crazy about, so obviously we still have lots of work to do in the compromising department, but there's always something to improve on in life, right?!

What have been some things that you've learned to compromise on in your marriage?