Where We Take Weekend Road Trips

Road Trip

This past weekend we drove down to Southern Utah so my husband could help his dad, brother and uncle stain his grandma's deck. It wasn't really a vacation type road trip, but we had some adventures and it was mostly fun, with a little bit of stress thrown in! We got there late Friday night and left Sunday after church. The men finished what they'd gone there to do, and I wrote a report and bought some new clothes. I'd say that it was a successful weekend, wouldn't you?

Sleepy Puppy

He got sick of the kennel and just wanted to sleep in husband's lap while we drove

On Saturday, while everyone else worked on the deck and did yard work, I picked my little sister up from school and we did some shopping in St. George (I felt like such a slacker, but I wasn't about to complain). Us girls had a lot of fun shopping for clothes, my sister is an outfit genius and finds the greatest things that I wouldn't normally try on. I wish I'd had more money to spend because I would have redone my entire wardrobe! We had a delicious lunch at The Brick Oven, my sister and I both appreciate good food, so we split two entrees and in her words, "This was an excellent plan!" We get along pretty well, even if she doesn't see the point of wearing makeup, having your ears pierced or coloring your hair. 

The stressful part of the weekend started on our drive home and I debated about posting this on the blog, but it kind of made up a huge part of my trip. We were on the freeway, and all of the sudden, I saw a lot of smoke about half a mile ahead of us. When we got closer, we could see that a car was on fire and the accident had just barely happened. It was the scariest thing to watch the huge group of people frantically trying to get the car door open and get the man inside out before the flames reached him. We hurried to get the car jack out of my trunk so they could try and break the window when the doors wouldn't open, but before they could get it down the road to them, they were able to pull him out (I'm still not sure how), but I think we all breathed a sigh of relief. Then the search for fire extinguishers began, every semi, any little ones in the back of cars, they took them all. I think they used up everything in them and then the car went up in flames, it was really scary to watch! The car after the fire trucks had taken care of it was a sight to see, I wish I would have had my sister take a picture as we drove past after it was all over. It was an experience I'll never forget, and it was AMAZING to see the huge group of people who banded together and would do anything to get that man out of his burning car, and then try to put the car fire out after he was safe. I don't know how the man is doing now, they only had this little article on him and said that he is in critical condition.


Joe and I spent the majority of the night picking and cutting burs out of our poor puppy's fur. He was playing outside while they stained the deck and pulled weeds, and found some weeds with nasty burs in them. Joe and his aunt had gotten a few off of Howie's face earlier in the afternoon because they were holding his mouth shut, but there was still a lot of work to do. They were really obnoxious to him, you could tell, but he struggled and was stubborn the entire time we were trying to get them out. Joe and I make a great team though! I held the pup and gave him pep talks while husband used the pick on one of my combs to try and get as many of them out without having to use the scissors. There are still a few in there because for some reason he wouldn't let us get near one of his legs and he didn't like us touching the ones next to his lip, so we gave him a break for the night. We need to work on those remaining ones now that he's hopefully not so traumatized.

Poor Puppy

After my crazy day, I decided to spend some much needed time with Bloglovin', hazelnut hot chocolate, a double chocolate donut from Maverick...and maybe a bit more sugar. Did I mention that I'm an emotional eater?


Sunday we got to attend a special conference for the dedication of the newest Parowan church building. I enjoyed it, even though I was really tired and organist insisted on playing the hymns at warp speed. We ate a yummy dinner, and then we headed home! It was a quick trip, but we really enjoyed ourselves.

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