We're Still Learning

Joe and I have been married for two years and a few weeks now, and while it has been the greatest, most happy two years of our lives (I hope my husband agrees and doesn't mind me speaking for him), it has also been a challenge. Those of you who know us personally or who may be long time readers of this blog know that Joe and I are really good at poking fun at each other or having arguments over ridiculous things. We are childish, and our relationship functions nicely that way!

We're Still Learning

The card that we got from my parents on our 1st anniversary.

It describes us so perfectly!

Through all of our "fights" and the two years that we've been living together, we've learned a lot about each other, ourselves and married life.

Joe has learned that he can never keep surprises from me if I have even the slightest idea that something is coming. I ruined our proposal (and then told him that he was dumb, oops) and I ruined my 23rd birthday present. Plus, I attempt to ruin Christmas by guessing everything that is under the tree. I'm terrible, I know. BUT husband is quickly learning how to surprise me, too bad I tend to make that difficult as well.

Bringing each other a little gift is really exciting and a great way to make us happy! (Which is funny because gifts are not our love language, but that's ok.) Whether it's a candy bar, something that one of us has been needing to buy (ie hangers, new towels, chapstick, etc.) or something bigger, both of us love to be surprised with something unexpected. The text above referred to a bookshelf that I'd been eyeing and wanting to buy for a couple of months. It was on sale, so Joe decided we should finally get it.

Sometimes life doesn't go according to planned.

We've lived in an apartment longer than we would have wanted to and our timeline for other things hasn't panned out like we thought. But we know that the Lord has plans for us and things will turn out in his time. 

The longer we live in our little apartment (with hardly any storage space), the more creative ways we discover and create to store everything that we continue to buy.

Paying off debt and being debt free is an amazing feeling! Especially when you are able to achieve a lofty goal that you almost didn't think was possible! (We paid off three debts in one year, two of them right before Christmas, click the links to read more about it, it's something we are proud of!)

And more recently we are learning how to be responsible for someone else who needs a lot of attention and training. It has been hard, and it requires us both to be a lot more selfless (which I'm learning I need to work on more). This cute guy requires A LOT of attention, discipline and training. He is the sweetest, we love him so much, but sometimes he tries our patience and we want to give him away. (We would never do that though, we love him too much!) It is definitely preparing us to be parents.

We're Still Learning

What things have you learned through your marriage or relationship?