Laughing Through Life Together

This month I have decided to link up and participate with some lovely ladies in their From One Year to Beyond series. Each of these women are celebrating their one year anniversary, and I'm celebrating two years so I think it will be a lot of fun!

Laughing Through the Hard Times

One of the things that I love about Joe is his ability to make me laugh in any situation. Whether I'm happy, sad, or angry, he has a great talent for knowing the right things to say and I usually end up giggling whether I want to or not.

I think the most important thing is learning to laugh through the tears and frustrations. For example, yesterday I was stressed, frustrated and overwhelmed with life and everything seemed to work out not in my favor. Joe had a crazy day at work as well, and life was just laughable. It wasn't funny in the moment, but later that night, over our rough day meal from Wendy's, we were able to laugh about the whole day. The toilet creating a small lake in my bathroom (I was just trying to flush my puppy's poop from the day, he's so little, and it clogged the toilet? TMI?), the sprinkler's turning on while I was sitting on one of them and taking a breather after cleaning up the bathroom, tripping over my maxi dress and face planting it in the grass trying to escape the sprinklers and get back inside; I wanted to cry when it all happened, but later on it was good to laugh with my husband about it, even though I'd gotten nothing productive done all night. It's the laughter that gets us through the hard times, the frustration and the things that make us want to cry instead.

"You can turn painful situations around through laughter. If you can find humor in anything, even poverty, you can survive it." -Bill Cosby

Funny Moments in Our Relationship Caught on Camera

Fake Proposal

When Joe fake proposed to me on Valentine's, while we were dating. 

Starting a Fire

We found this unstarted fire during our engagements, so naturally, we tried to light it.

Ice Cream

That time I found Joe on the couch eating out of the carton. Read more here.

Prairie Schooner

We celebrated our one year anniversary by eating dinner in a covered wagon at the Prairie Schooner and Joe thought it would be romantic to slowly let out a fart throughout dinner. It gave new meaning to the term "covered wagon." Read more here.

Chew Chew Train

I made Joe ride the Chew Chew train on my birthday, he couldn't believe it, I couldn't stop laughing. Read more here.

Disney Birthday

Joe didn't want to "celebrate" my birthday with me at Disneyland, but the Tiki Hut people felt that was unacceptable. Read more here.

Disney on Ice

I forced my husband to go to Disney on Ice with me. He was less than thrilled! Read more here.

The Tulip Festival

Joe, "So, we're paying money to look at flowers?" Read more here.

What do you and your husband find to laugh at every day?