Tips to Creating a Cozy, Fall Atmosphere in Your Home

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Our house is still in constant chaos and there is construction mess everywhere, but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and I'm hoping that it's only a couple weeks away at the most. My plan was to decorate for fall at the beginning of this month, but I've been waiting patiently for the dust to settle so that I could clean first. Tomorrow is the first day of October, and I just couldn't start my favorite month without decorating for my favorite season, so this past weekend I gave in and I'm so glad that I did! Every time I enter a room that is decorated with leaves and fall colors, life feels good and I don't feel so frustrated about the mess that I can't seem to control. Add to that the fact that we finally moved into our master suite (after two months of living in the house) and you have one, very happy Amberly!

^^ I can't wait to add pumpkins and hay-bales to my porch. ^^

Fall to me is cozy, romantic and safe and I like to bring an atmosphere that portrays those feelings into our home with my decor. I wasn't sure how effective I was going to be able to be this year because like I said, construction chaos everywhere, but even with the mess, just a few touches of fall made a huge difference to how I feel when I'm at home!


The cooler weather calls for cuddling with my husband under one of the many blankets that I own. I'm still not sure where half of them are at the moment, but I found a couple of good ones and they are ready for a lot of Netflix binging and movie nights. As soon as I find the rest of my blankets, I'm adding another one to our bed as well. There's nothing I like better on a crisp fall morning than snuggling up with the one you love to sleep in just a little bit longer under a big pile of warm blankets. (Bonus: Howie really likes how soft and squishy blankets can be. The first few nights that he slept on our new comforter, he'd growl at me when I tried to move him off of my side of the bed, I think because he was so comfortable and didn't want to move. And if I'm curled up in a blanket on the couch, you can bet he'll join me for some rare snuggles.)


While some people are excited to decorate for Halloween, I'm just excited to decorate for fall. September-November, my house is usually full of the colors and smells of fall. This year I sacrificed a month of that time, but I'm happy that I was finally able to pull mine out. I try to put a little touch of fall in each of our main living spaces and every year I add to my collection of decor. Maybe one year I'll have enough stuff to deck out the entire house! I love to decorate with scarecrows, leaves, fall colors, and fun prints. (Bonus: Howie loves the fall decor as much as me! He was trying to help me unpack my box of stuff all morning long.)

Fall Scents

I associate different smells with locations, people, events and time frames and I always want the scent that's in my house to be a pleasant one and contribute to the atmosphere that I've created. I have a different smell that I love depending on the season, and my favorite smells for fall are spicy ones. I had a bag of autumn potpourri stored with all of my fall decorations so just opening the box they were in was heavenly. Every season I change out the smell in my plug ins, I swap my candles out for new ones and I change the wax in my warmers. The way those new smells refresh the air in my house is the best. Right now my house smells like new carpet, new paint and dust so I brought out the big guns to overwhelm those smells with fall. When I walk into my house and smell fall, I feel like I've accomplished something big.

^^ My entry way table so far. I can't wait to add more decorations! ^^


Fall is full of comfort food and it's the season that I've heard a lot of people say they look forward to just for the things that they get to make in the kitchen. Breads, cobblers soups, pies, and anything pumpkin are being made in kitchens all over. The smells are divine, everything tastes delicious and there are a lot of memories that come with foods you make in the fall. 


All of the sights, smells and tastes of fall that you bring to your home are great to enjoy on your own, but more fun to enjoy with people. Host a party, invite your family and friends over for dinner, or have your neighbors over for dessert. Let the people you love enjoy the cozy atmosphere of your home with you. The memories that you make will last a lifetime!

How do you bring the atmosphere of the season into your home?