Three Lessons I Learned from The Love Dare

The launch month of Meaningful Marriage Book Study has been a blast! Our Facebook group has had a lot of great discussion throughout the month and I'm really excited to read all of the great posts and the things that you ladies have learned by participating in The Love Dare.

The Meaningful Marriage Book Study

I have fallen behind a bit in this month's study of The Love Dare, but I have still learned a lot from participating and it has been a great experience!

  1. First I learned just how terrible I am at sticking with something I start. I don't even want to tell you how far behind I fell in this challenge, but it's been bad. I have a lot of excuses, life was busy, some nights I'd just forget, or I would majorly fail at my dare and want to do it again the next day. But then I thought about it and realized that this type of thing should be more about quality than quantity. So it's ok that I got behind, and it's ok that I decided to take a couple extra days to work on a dare because I didn't feel like I did well. I went into this wanting to change my marriage and rushing through it to get everything done in 40 days might not have been what I needed for it to have the impact that I wanted.
  2. I am weak in areas that I didn't even know about. In my launch post, I talked about the marriage evaluation that I took and how I got 528 out of 1000 points. If I were to get that grade on a test for school, I would fail the class. I won't ever say that I'm failing as a wife because my marriage is something that I view with an optimistic attitude, but there was definitely some room for improvement. There were dares that I would go into thinking, 'This one will be easy' but those days were some of the ones that I always felt like I needed to do over. Even the areas that I felt really strong in needed some help.
  3. Making an intentional effort to love my husband and be a better wife makes a huge difference. It didn't happen all at once, but when I look at my attitude toward things in our life at the beginning of the challenge and then see how I react now, I know I'm improving. The Love Dare helped me focus on one thing at a time so I wasn't getting discouraged by the big picture.

I am excited to finish The Love Dare and take my evaluation again. Sarah told me she saw a huge difference in her score when she took the test at the end of her challenge, and that change was a good one! That's the sign of a successful marriage challenge.

Our first month of The Meaningful Marriage Book Study went so well and we are excited to continue with more book studies next year. Watch our blogs for more information and a schedule in the next few weeks. This is something that you will want to be a part of starting in January!

What did you learn from The Love Dare challenge?