Things I Don't Understand About My Husband

My husband is amazing and I love him, but he's a man and he has quirks and I just don't understand him or the things he does sometimes. Every single one of his quirks entertain me and most of them make me happy, but that doesn't mean they make sense to me.

I read this post to Joe before I hit publish and he was laughing, so I'm assuming he approved. 

As I am writing this, he is in the bathroom, reading the news. Depending on how much news there is to read, he could be in there anywhere from 15-60 minutes. That just doesn't seem fun to me. Do your business, get out of the bathroom and come read the news on the couch where it's comfy and you can snuggle with your sweet wife! Or sit on your throne and be lonely, if that's what makes you happy.

There is never anything to eat in the house, even if I've just gone grocery shopping. Last week there were frozen pizzas, pasta, spaghettios, stuff to make sandwiches, cereal, veggies, yogurt, chips and salsa, etc. and no matter what I suggested, two minutes later, Joe was complaining that there was nothing to eat. He's silly, I don't get it, so I just give up and let him fend for himself.

He views his vacation time like he does emergency savings. If we're going somewhere for the weekend, rather than just taking the weekend off, he'll work four 10 hour shifts and save that time off for another time. I think in our entire marriage, I've only seen him take time off just because once. I get excited for shorter work weeks and less time spent at my desk, but maybe that's just me.

Speaking of savings, Joe thinks about money 24/7. I can't tell you how many times he'll text me and tell me what our net worth is, how much we have in savings now, how much we'd have to put away each month to pay cash for our next car, etc. So much math, so much thinking, so much money talk.

Taco Bell is one of his favorite places to eat. He complains about the aftermath, but he still claims it's the best food there is. I'm sorry if you're one of those people who enjoys Taco Bell, but I can't even try to like it.

I love Joe, and his personality, he keeps me on my toes and provides me with a lot of entertainment. And I'm sure there will always be something he does that I don't understand, but that's ok, it will keep our marriage interesting.

What confuses you about the man in your life?