They Call It Puppy Love

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Puppy Valentine's Gift

There is a furry little creature who lives in our home and over the last year and a half, he has completely stolen our hearts. He is our favorite guy to come home to (after each other of course) and with him around, it's really hard to not be in a good mood. Howie is our little love and there is so much to love about him.

I love pulling into the driveway to find him watching for me in the front room window.

I love the way he half stretches, half army crawls his way across our bed to join us for early morning snuggles.

I love watching him play and rough house with Joe every day. Those two are the best of buddies.

I love that he runs to the front door and waits to be picked up if I ask him to go and get the mail with me.

I love how excited he gets any time we ask him if he wants to go for a ride and I love the way he sits and watches out the window so alert our entire trip.

I love his passion and excitement for everything that he loves; children, other animals, people in general, his toys, his bones, treats, helping us open packages, and the list goes on. Howie enjoys the simplest things in life.

I love his little teddy bear face with his innocent puppy eyes and cute floppy ears.

I love his kisses and affection and how concerned and attentive he is when I'm upset or sick.

I love the way he sits patiently at my feet and stares whenever I'm making something in the kitchen.

I love that he sits on the stairs so that he can be at our level and see everything we're doing when we're working in the kitchen.

I love when he's so tired that he puts himself to bed even though he usually can't stand being away from us.

I love his curious nature and watching him explore new places and familiar ones.

I love that he'll leave his cozy spot in bed every morning to follow me to the door and then watch me drive away from the front window before running back to snuggle with Joe.

I love everything about my puppy!

Big Heart Pet Treats

With as much as I love my sweetest boy, it is always my favorite to buy him presents. I filled Howie's Valentine's package with Valentine's Day Treats, a tug-of-war rope, a ball for playing fetch and a squeaky toy. As much as Howie loves toys, when he saw me putting his present together (I can't hide anything from him), all he wanted were the treats. He loves eggs and he always sniffs and whines for us to share with him when he smells beef so I thought the Pup-Peroni treats would be fun to try. Howie also loves his Milk-Bone biscuits and I think he's really going to love the soft and chewy version.

Valentine's Day Pup-Peroni

Trying to get a clear picture of this pup is difficult because he's always in motion, but I got lots of brownie points for letting him eat this treat, and he obviously enjoyed it. Joe is the favorite human in our house and I'm willing to do whatever it takes to raise my status in his eyes. The Big Heart Brand Pet Treats that I purchased from Walmart, along with the toys that I know Howie loves so much will hopefully give me a little more credit in his eyes. I spent a lot of time picking the perfect gifts and treats just for him.

Walmart Pet Treats

^^ The Milk-Bone section was the most popular section of my Walmart, everything was almost gone! ^^

Are you a puppy parent? How will you spoil your pup and show them love this year for Valentine's Day?