The Perks of Being/Being Married to a Blogger

I asked Joe what perks he could think of for being married to me, as a blogger. This is what he said: "You get free stuff... for you, not me" (Sometimes he benefits from the free stuff)

The free stuff and sometimes paid posts are nice, but I see so many more perks to this hobby that I've become very passionate about and I like those perks more.

Building Community

When I'm talking to Joe, I always feel the need to clarify if someone is a blog friend or an "in real life" friend, even though a lot of my blog friends (and a few of my in real life friends) fit into both categories. I love the community that blogging brings with it. I've met so many great people through blogging and one day I hope to be able to say that I've met all of them in real life. The blog world helps you connect with people who have similar interests, are in the same phase of life, or can relate to the things you're going through when you feel like nobody around you is in that position. Every day, my circle of friends expands more, thanks to blogging. I may have the exact same routine and interact with the exact same people in my every day life, but in my every day blogging life, there are always new friends to discover and new things to read. And the more posts I read, the more I get to know a person.

Differing Opinions

This may seem like a weird thing to view as a perk, but I really do view it as a positive thing. So many times, I read someone's blog post or a comment that they've left on one of my posts and have an "Ah ha!" moment. And I love to share things about our lives and our marriage that may be a different way of thinking than most people have. I'm always interested in why people do things the way they do and sometimes I'm interested in trying out their methods as well!

Learn New Things

I like to read the blogs that teach me something new or really make me think deep about something that I may not have thought too hard about before. Obviously, my favorite posts to read are marriage related posts. I find myself nodding in agreement to a lot, inspired to write a post of my own of either a differing view or my own experience, or I take something from the post that I never would have thought about otherwise. 

I love this blogging thing, and it's hard to imagine ever leaving it (not that I have any plans to). I even invited one of my good blogging turned in real life friends, Aubrey Zaruba, to hang out with me and share her perks of blogging with you! Yay, right? Take it away Aubrey!

i started blogging back when everyone had family blogs. it was (and still is) a fun way to document my life. i live far away from family and many friends so it's also a fun way for them to see what i'm doing. when i started blogging, i had no idea i would find so many other perks of blogging. i'm excited to team up with amberly to share my top 3 perks of blogging.


blogger event at the awful waffle

i feel so lucky to live in utah where the blogger network is huge. blogger events happen regularly, and it is easy to connect and socialize with other bloggers. it's really fun to interact with other bloggers in person, but it is also really fun to interact with other bloggers online/though social media. some of my very best friendships are because of blogging.


scrapbook page from 2003. no, we weren't matchy matchy on purpose

i stopped scrapbooking years ago, but i still want to document my life. one of the biggest perks of being a lifestyle blogger is the majority of my life is on my blog/instagram. i recently ordered 9 volumes of chat books of my instagram pictures this year. most of my year so far is documented and printed in cute little books.


i would be 100% lying if i said i don't care about the free stuff or getting paid. who doesn't like free stuff especially cool free stuff?!? i have an occasional post sponsored through product or payment, but it isn't as often as some people think. 

when instagram started killing the family blog, i knew i wanted to keep blogging. i didn't really know why exactly. i just knew i liked it. i still really like it a lot especially now that i've discovered some of the extra perks that come along with it.