Marriage Isn't Comedy Show Material

A few weeks ago, my friend Amanda {Notes from a Newlywed} wrote a post that really spoke to something I've been thinking a lot about lately. In the spirit of April Fools day, jokes and pranks, I want to know, why do people view marriage as such a joke? Even those of us who are in marriages tend to make light of it. I know I've been guilty of it a few times.

Before someone gets married, we tell them to enjoy their freedom while it lasts. At bachelor and bachelorette parties, we encourage them to soak up every last bit of fun that a single person is privileged to have. Married men will joke about "the old ball and chain" aka their wife. I see shirts all over the internet that have a bride and groom on the front, the groom is frowning, the bride looks like she's plotting and the words "game over" usually accompany the image.

As a married woman, there are things I laugh and joke about with my other married friends. We joke about how helpless our husbands can be sometimes, like getting married erased their memory of how to take care of themselves and do simple things. Husbands joke about having lost their freedom, not being able to make choices without their wives approving them first and how they need a man cave to handle married life.

Marriage is great and I would never consider going back to single life, I don't think I would ever be happy with that "freedom". Yes, you lose some of your independence in marriage, and there are a lot of plans and decisions that can't be made without the approval of your spouse but it's not bad like people make it out to be. I've been able to maintain my individuality in marriage and I do things for myself and on my own fairly often. Joe is my partner in crime and I love having that second opinion when I'm making big life decisions or an outside, honest view for when I'm struggling or having problems with people or situations. Marriage is a change, but I would never consider it a bad one.

Rather than mourning the things people are giving up by getting married, let's celebrate the things they are gaining  When we talk as married couples, instead of laughing over the cliche stereotypes of husbands or wives, let's discuss the amazing benefits or marriage and what our husbands/wives bring to the table. Marriage isn't something to be taken lightly, but society is constantly poking fun at it. I don't know about you, but I want to make a conscious effort to joke less about the stereotypes that come with marriage. People should be able to tell, just from the way I talk, how much I value the relationship that I have with my husband.

What do you think is the biggest benefit/perk of being married?