The New Marriage & Relationship Goal, Keep My House Clean

Earlier this month, I set a goal to get settled into our house by the end of the month. I'm proud to say that this is one goal that I'm making really good progress on the goal and our house is feeling more like a home every day! Just last week, the major renovations finished on our home and we hired someone to come in and clean up the post construction mess that was so overwhelming, I never knew where to start or even had the desire to clean. Coming home on Wednesday was the greatest because I walked into a home as opposed to a construction site. I think this is the cleanest my house has been since well... ever... Because it's so clean, I've found the motivation to organize, clean, unpack, and work on projects and it's been a lot of fun!

Exploring the present that showed up on our doorstep

In addition to continuing to settling into our house, I've made it a goal to stay on top of the cleaning and clutter so that the place doesn't become overwhelmingly dirty again! The only thing standing in the way of that goal is our sweet, fluffy Howard. When we got him, I thought he'd be a fairly clean pet because he's not a dog who sheds, but boy was I wrong! I love that pup to death, but he loves mud and leaves and refuses to wipe his paws before he comes in the house. 

^^ I spy wet puppy paws on my nice clean floor! ^^

It never fails, the day after we wash our bedding (which is white.. don't ask me why we thought that was smart), he runs in for morning cuddles after running around our backyard in the dirt and the wet grass. As many times as we've tried to teach Howie the "clean up" trick (I even sing him the Barney song), he has no interest in putting toys away, but he loves to pull every single one out of the toy box and spread them throughout the entire house. Crunching leaves up into little bits is one of his favorite activities, but apparently it's more effective to do that inside rather than out, and he usually chooses to do that right after I've vacuumed. If I had to put a number on it, I would probably blame 80% of the messes in our house on the dog.

We love Swiffer products and I was really excited to find this Big Green Box on my doorstep just in time to help me keep my house clean post construction. I'm in love with my hardwood floors and find myself wanting to constantly clean up the puppy paw prints with my Swiffer Sweeper and mop. Howie's cleaning product of choice would have to be the Swiffer Dusters because he thinks they are a toy for him. Dusting becomes a game of keep away in our house because Howie follows me around trying to grab the duster out of my hand as I clean.

On Saturday, while I was organizing and unpacking, I discovered a table we'd hidden that got missed in the post construction cleaning. The bottom of it is covered in months worth of dust and has quite a few puppy paw prints on it, including a fresh set because Howie discovered the table at the same time I did. Now that everything in my house is clean, I will be relying heavily on my Swiffer products to help it stay that way and to help me keep the puppy messes under control!

In addition to the Big Green Box that showed up on my doorstep for my own pet clean up use, Swiffer also sent a box for me to give as a surprise to a family or friend with pets. My first thought was to give it to my little sister and her cat, Clover, who sheds EVERYWHERE! I think they were excited!

^^ Maybe Clover wasn't too excited about being put into the box... ^^ 

Swiffer® is supporting the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals® (ASPCA) in a year-long effort to help find homes for animals in need and help make the challenges of cleaning up after a pet less of a concern after adoption. This is a cause that I know my sister feels strongly about in her love of animals and her adopted kitty. Every time I'm visiting my parent's house, she'll pull up the local animal shelter website and show me pictures of the cats that have arrived there since the last time I was over and then she'll ask me which one I want to adopt. She picks out one for herself every week as well and tries her hardest to convince my mom that she needs to adopt that kitty and bring it home. If she had her way, the house would be overrun with rescued cats.

We didn't adopt Howie, but I have a soft spot in my heart for animals and the next time we do get a pet, I will definitely be adopting an animal in need. (I may or may not already browse the shelter website to find a friend for Howie, and there are so many cute faces, I want to rescue them all!)

I wouldn't trade Howie in for a pet free "clean" house any day, and I'm glad that I have Swiffer to keep my frustrations with his messes to a minimum. I LOVE that Swiffer is working with the ASPCA and donating Big Green Boxes to over 100 shelters nationwide to help minimize the challenges of cleaning up after a pet and make that less of a concern when families are considering pet adoption.

How has Swiffer helped you clean up messes in your home?

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.