The Fun of Family Game Night

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While I was unpacking this week, I was organized our game cupboard and realized that Joe and I rarely play them unless we have friends over or if we're spending time with family. Playing board games and card games are one of my favorite activities and I've decided that's something that we could do together in place of a couple hours of Netflix one or two nights a week. It's fun, and probably more quality time than sitting and watching our favorite TV show would be. I thought I'd share some of my favorite games with you, maybe you'll find some new ones that your family and friends will like to play! I know we always have a lot of fun playing them together and our game nights have created lots of memories that we joke about all the time.

Dixit Journey reminds me a little bit of Applies to Apples, except it's a million times better. The cards have beautiful illustrations on them and my family has a lot of fun playing this together. It's not a very time consuming game, but you can play it multiple times in a row and not get bored :)

Quelf will keep you laughing for hours if you're with the right people. It's fast moving, full of random and entertaining challenges and probably one of my favorite games in the entire world. Make sure the group your playing with is open to acting silly and making a fool of themselves though, because if not, this game will be a flop.

UNO Attack! is a million times better than any normal game of UNO. In my family, this becomes a game of revenge and seeing how many cards you can get the machine to shoot at someone. None of this draw four or draw two stuff, I've seen people get more than 10 cards because they had to hit twice and got spat at each time they hit.

Play Nine, The Card Game of Golf! is a game that I was introduced to by Joe's family and it's one of mine and Joe's favorites to play. It's perfect for a double or group date because it's fun to play, but you can still chat and carry on a decent conversation while the game is going. Most of this game is luck, but you still have to pay attention to what's going on around you so that you don't inadvertently help your neighbor win the game.

Apples to Apples Party Box, a classic game with a lot of fun packs that you can add to mix up your choices a little bit. The number of inside jokes that we have with people because of this game is endless.
Tip: Don't ever try to play through the entire box. One boring Friday night in Rexburg, we thought it would be fun to play until we'd used every single green card and every single red card. None of us wanted to look at that game for months afterward.

Harry Potter Sorcerers Stone Trivia Game, for all of the Harry Potter fanatics out there. My family used to play this one weekly, and my brother always won because he remembers all of the weird facts like what hotel room number the Dursley's stayed in, etc. I don't think they ever made a game for any of the other books, which is a real bummer, but this one is a lot of fun! You are even sorted into a house. Now that I think about it, it's been a while since we've played this one, I'll have to break it out next time I'm at my parent's house.

Boxers Or Briefs? is my personal favorite. I was introduced to this game in Rexburg and it took me a few years to find somewhere that I could buy it myself, but the second I saw it on a store shelf, I snatched it up and forced all of my friends to play! This one is kind of like Apples to Apples as well, but more personal and has the potential to be hilariously awkward! I would suggest only playing this one with adults though. It's not terribly inappropriate, but probably not suitable for children. (And the title really has nothing to do with the game, just in case you were wondering).

What board games does your family like to play when you get together? Are there any great ones that you like to play as a couple?