The Blessing of Family

Family is...

A mom who takes time out of her busy schedule to bring my husband dinner while he's working at the house. Who spends a chunk of her Saturday painting the kitchen cabinets at our house and takes time every night for a week to help stain the banisters and mantle. Who lets me vent to her on the phone every day because I just need someone to validate my frustrations.

A sister who agrees to pack up our kitchen completely unsupervised when I know she'd rather be at home reading a book.

A brother who is willing to wake up early on a Saturday morning to help finish the prep work for painting the kitchen cabinets (because it didn't get done the night before due to a certain puppy eating rat poison and the time spent trying to avoid harm or injury from that). Who then spends half of his Saturday painting said kitchen cabinets while maintaining a cheerful, happy attitude the entire time.

A dad who is willing to leave work earlier than planned to come and help with anything we need.

A mother in law who waxes the freshly painted kitchen cabinets and sits on the floor to do it, even though she's still recovering from a knee surgery and it's a little uncomfortable. Who lets us steal her husband away every night so that he can come and help us with our projects every night instead of spending time with her or working on projects that she might have.

A brother in law who spends every Wednesday afternoon/evening helping with house and yard work after a full day of mowing lawns. Who plays with our puppy so he stays out of our way when he wants attention. Who runs errands when we forgot something we needed for our big projects.

A sister in law who wants so badly to help but is scheduled to be out of town the times we know we really need help. Who comes to the rescue and helps put a coat of stain on the banisters when she's asked to fairly last minute. Who takes the puppy when we both have to be at work and the house that we're currently living in is being shown. Who sacrifices time with her husband so he can help mine run wires and put together the home networking system he can't wait to have.

A niece who is so eager and excited to play with a puppy who needs to be out of the way when the house is being shown. Who has the best intentions and really loves that little pup but who tends to smother him with love and affection. Who wears the puppy out so that we know he got his exercise and get to sleep in because he's so exhausted.

A brother in law who spends hours at our house running wires through the walls, putting together a home network and being nerdy with my husband.

A father in law who spends countless hours teaching my husband all of the things he knows about DIY renovations to our house. Who grumps and groans the whole time, but does it with a silly grin on his face so I know that he's joking... I think...

In laws who are willing to let us crash at their house for a couple of days in the event that we have to be out of our apartment and the house isn't quite finished yet.

And a husband, oh my husband, who has put up with a stressful me (seriously the worst stress mess you've ever seen). Who thinks I'm being completely irrational about things that I can't change but loves me anyway. Who will still be married to me after this whole ordeal is over because he loves me and when you love someone, you love all of them, crazy, emotional mess and all. Who gets excited about home network systems, having a yard, and putting USB outlets in the walls. Who spent his entire Saturday night helping me paint the kitchen cabinet doors (Yes, three people have helped me, we've put in lots of man hours and they're still not done! Monster project that I hate!). Who is a champ and does manual labor all day long sometimes, even when I've gotten lazy and choose to just sit and watch. Who can't stop telling everyone how obsessed he is with the hardwood floors we picked out and how much he loves them now that they're installed. Who is my very best friend that I will love forever and ever, even if I'm too frustrated to talk to him on our lunch date sometimes.