The Best Birthday Traditions

Tomorrow is my birthday, and the day after that it's my friend Elizabeth's birthday as well! To celebrate, we've teamed up to bring you a list of our favorite birthday traditions. If you have any other fun traditions, feel free to comment and add to the list! You can never have too many birthday traditions in my opinion, the more the merrier and the longer you can spend celebrating the day you were born!

Birthday tradition ideas to make your spouse's birthday fun!

Family Birthday Dinner

My family has a tradition of letting the birthday person pick dinner and dessert on their birthday or the day that we plan to celebrate. When we were younger, the birthday child also got to eat off the "It's Your Special Day" plate, which is too small for a normal adult meal, but we all really love it as kids. I'm looking forward to my family birthday dinner this weekend. I chose Sour Cream Waffles (recipe may come to the blog in the future) and berries along with the delicious cake that you'll find on the blog tomorrow!

Free Meals

I'm pretty sure I'm signed up for every birthday club out there, and I have a handful of specific freebies that I eagerly await every October. A lot of my favorites involve free meals without the required purchase of another because I get to use them for my lunches at work, but I also love the ones that get me something for free when we pay for Joe's. As I see the deals pop up in my e-mail and mailbox, I schedule the ones I want to use into our date nights! Some of our date nights this month may or may not include DQ, Cold Stone, Boondocks and Tucanos Brazilian Grill. I can't wait! (Sidenote: When we went to California over my birthday two years ago, I made sure to get on the birthday club for my favorite restaurant that isn't in Utah anymore so that Joe and I could eat there on our trip. It was one of the highlights of the vacation!)

Funny Birthday Cards

Shopping for cards has always been one of my favorite things to do. I could spend hours in the Walmart card aisle reading cards and playing with the musical ones. Finding the perfect, funny card for everyone in my life is a goal of mine and I've been known to buy cards up to a year in advance if I see one that would be perfect for someone's special day in the future. (The only problem with that is that I tend to forget I have them. I have a card somewhere that I was supposed to give to my dad um... two birthdays ago. I have no idea where it is now, but I'm determined to find it for next year). I've been thinking about starting a card collection/file for the people in my life so that I always have the perfect card ready!

Quality Time

My favorite thing to do for my birthday every year is to spend time with Joe. On my first married birthday we celebrated with a dinner date, and then I made cookies in my new Kitchenaid mixer while Joe took a nap. The next year we were vacationing with Joe's family in California, like I mentioned before, and it might be one of my favorite birthday memories ever! Last year we did activities that any five25 year old would enjoy, and then spent my actual birthday at home watching my weekly TV shows and eating Chinese takeout. Because Joe's birthday is two weeks after mine, we have a tradition of getting away together on the weekend between those two dates. Our birthday celebrations always end up being some of my favorite times that we spend together.

^^ We spent my birthday in Disneyland two years ago. It was the best birthday ever!!! ^^

There are so many fun traditions that I hope to incorporate when I have kids and in the future when our schedules are a little less restricted and we have more money to spend on each other.

Elizabeth's Favorite Childhood Birthday Traditions

Ah birthday traditions, where do I begin! When I was growing up, my mom always did her best to make my birthdays something to remember. She'd always serve my favorite meal (usually something with homemade French fries) and plan little surprises for me throughout the day. I don't remember a year that I didn't wake up to a card and a small present (usually something I could use throughout the day) on my bedside table and pancakes or French toast on the table. Oh and if you've watched Gilmore Girls, remember that time Lorelai comes into Rory's room and tells her all about the night she was born? My mother did that too--except I had the luxury not to be awakened in the middle of night because I was born around noon. That's also when I was officially declared my new age and my parents would find creative ways to insert my one-year-older status into normal conversation multiple times the rest of the day! It never failed to make me laugh no matter how old I was! 

Elizabeth's Favorite Current Birthday Traditions

This year will be my first birthday of our married lives that my husband and I will be able to spend together so I'm really excited to start some fun birthday traditions. I love the idea of starting your special day with a pancake breakfast (I've made Zach funfetti pancakes topped with a candle for his past birthdays) so that's something I'll carry on from my childhood. I'd also love to start a birthday book--a place where each member of the family could record their best memory from the year, special events that happened, maybe answer a few questions about likes and dislikes that year. This would be especially fun when we started a family of our own too!