The 30 Day Marriage Challenge

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The 30 Day Marriage Challenge

Any time I find a blog post or a book that challenges me to make an effort to improve my marriage, I can't pass that challenge up. When I heard about The 30 Day Marriage Challenge, I got really excited to have something to help me really focus on my marriage every day for a month! Not only does this book give you a daily challenge, but Becky Moseley shares her own personal experiences and the reasons why she feels each day's challenge is important and how it will benefit your marriage.

The one problem that I usually run into with these sorts of challenges is that they take a bit of time and preparation each day and in my busy life, I forget to set aside time to actually do them and I don't feel like I have been very successful by the time the challenge is over. That's not going to be the case with The 30 Day Marriage Challenge because while I will be intentionally making my marriage a priority every day, the majority of the challenges are things that can be done even on the days when Joe and I don't get to spend much time together.

I spent the last few weeks reading through each of the challenges, I finished the book this weekend and I'm excited to put the challenges into action starting today! Because I'm a plan ahead type of girl, I wrote each day's challenge down in my planner along with any notes on thoughts that I had while reading the book to make sure each day benefits my relationship with Joe in the best way possible. Some of the challenges do take a tiny bit of planning so I would suggest that you read them all in advance, or at least skim through them a week before so you know what is coming up.

Happy Marriage

I'm excited to see how my relationship with Joe is changed over the next 30 days, and I'm already planning to revisit this challenge after the baby is here. I know that challenges like The 30 Day Marriage Challenge are great and can benefit your marriage at any stage and that repeating it every quarter/year/few years will keep you thinking intentionally about the most important relationship in your life. You could even take extra time to get through the challenge, working on one every other day or even once a week. Whatever you feel like you need to do to be able to focus on each of the challenges and put thought and effort into the great marriage that you're working to create and maintain with your spouse.

Will you join me and take The 30 Day Marriage Challenge?