Summer Lovin' - Free Summer Date Night Bucket List Download

There's something about summer that makes me all excited for date night! The list of things that I want to do as a family and a couple this summer is ridiculously long. On its own, it would be hard for us to accomplish between now and the end of September. Add to it Joe's busy lawn care schedule, the fact that we both also work full time jobs, and the need to reorganize our house in preparation for the new baby, and I'm pretty sure we'll barely make a dent in it. Oh well, more for us to enjoy next year, right?!

Summer is full of so many fun possibilities and the weather makes me wish that I wasn't an adult with a job and responsibilities that keep me from being outside enjoying the sun and the fresh air all day, every day. I have a goal this summer to make as many of our date nights as possible, outdoor date nights. It's going to be a bit of a challenge, for one because we have a toddler with a set schedule which makes it more difficult to do something spontaneous or that lasts all day and for two, because outside has mosquitoes, especially at night when we are home and that presents a risk for the Zika virus, which I definitely cannot risk getting right now. I'm always up for a challenge though, and I'm determined to make it happen! You can follow along on Instagram to see how we do with that goal and what date activities help us reach it.



If you're stumped on what to do for date night this summer, sign up above and get access to over 25 fun ideas that I came up with for you! I promise they're not the generic ones that you'll find on every list available when you google summer date night ideas. I really took the time to come up with fun, clever and creative things to do. I also gave some ideas for how to adjust some of the date night activities to fit some of the most common challenges that people have told me they face when it comes to making date night happen. And if there's an idea on there that sounds really fun, but you aren't sure how to make it fit your situation, send me an e-mail! I'd love to help you brainstorm and find a way to make it work! 

Free download with over 25 ideas for fun date nights this summer!

I believe that scheduling a regular date night and spending time, just the two of you, is one of the top ways to make your marriage relationship a priority! No matter what your stage in life, being intentional with your date nights will provide you with much needed quality time to connect and get back to the roots of your relationship. Going on dates and getting to know each other through the fun things that you did helped you fall in love. Keeping up the tradition and dating each other throughout your entire marriage will help keep that spark alive and make your marriage stronger.

What is your favorite summer date night activity? Do you have a date that you go on annually when the weather is warm?