Stuck on You Date Night from Crated with Love

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Crated with Love Date Box

I'm a big fan of pre-planned date nights and an even bigger fan of unique date nights that can be done at home! With two little ones, it's hard to get out more together more often than once a month, but we know that date night is something that we need to invest in for the health of our marriage. In order to make our date nights at home something that benefits our relationship, I'm always on the lookout for great ideas that we will both enjoy and that will make our bond stronger.

Crated with Love is a monthly subscription box dedicated to giving couples "a moment each month to fall in love again". Tyler and Michelle, the masterminds behind Crated with Love, are a husband and wife team with a passion for strengthening marriage relationships. Michelle has a Master's degree in Marriage and Family Therapy and Tyler has a degree in Entrepreneurship. Both of their skills contribute to making these date night boxes beneficial and fun for every married couple!

Crated with Love Stuck on You Box

One of my favorite things about our Crated with Love box is that there were four unique challenges but they all centered around the theme of the date. This month's date night theme was Stuck on You. The activities were fun but meaningful. We enjoyed them, but we also got to learn more about one another and strengthen our 6+ year relationship. They even included a scorecard so we could see who won the most activities at the end of the night!

Crated with Love - Stuck on You Challenge One
Crated with Love - Stuck on You Challenge Four
Crated with Love - Stuck on You Swag

Nothing we did was over the top or elaborate and it didn't take hours to complete the date. I appreciated this because on weeks when we plan to have a date night at home, we're relying on the kids going to bed on time so that we can spend an hour or two together before we're too tired to keep our eyes open anymore. Being full time working parents of two little ones is exhausting, but making time to improve our relationship with one another is a top priority. We are always looking for ways to use what little time we have together in the most efficient way possible.

Crated with Love - Recipe Card

Crated with Love is a monthly subscription, so you have one week a month when you don't have to come up with something to do together. Each box includes challenges, activities, materials needed, fun swag and a recipe that you can try together! If you're a couple who loves date night but may want to stay home occasionally, not have room in your budget for a babysitter, or just feel like you've run out of ideas and things to do, Crated with Love may be just what you need to make date night meaningful again!

What do you have planned for date night this weekend?