Spending Spontaneous Time Together - Marriage & Relationship Goals

Last month I set a goal to spend more intentional quality time together, minus Netflix and other media distractions. We weren't perfect at this, especially the week that Joe had a sinus infection, but we did pretty well I think! Lots of house projects got done, the puppy got a lot of extra attention, A lot of our Netflix free nights were due to the fact that we've both been extremely busy with homework and work, so I haven't really felt like we got as much quality time together as I really wanted us to. We're down to under five weeks until our baby boy should be here and although I plan to make time with Joe a priority after he gets here, I know that it won't be as easy to do the things that we enjoy together now.

Spend quality time with your spouse

This month, I have decided to build on last month's goal. I want to continue making our time together more intentional, with less Netflix, movies and other TV, but I also want to set a goal to do the things together that I know won't be as doable with a baby around. There are a lot of things that we do now that are somewhat spontaneous and we take them for granted, a lot of times deciding that we're too lazy when the idea comes up. What sounds like too much work now will be a lot more work starting next month, so I want to take advantage of them while I can.

  • Make a few ice cream runs
  • Go on late night walks
  • See a movie at the theater
  • Enjoy a long meal at a sit down restaurant
  • Run to the store late at night for nothing in particular
  • Sit on the swings at the park and talk
  • Spend a day forgetting our responsibilities and just hanging out

What goals are you setting this month to make your marriage better?

Marriage & Relationship Goals