Sometimes We Go to Church in our Pajamas

If you were on Twitter at all over the last few days, you may have noticed that one of the top trending hashtags was #ldsconf, and if you follow any of us "Mormon Bloggers" you probably saw quite a few tweets with the same hashtag in your feed on Saturday and Sunday. That's because this past weekend was the 183rd Semi-Annual LDS General Conference. The husband and I usually have to work during the Saturday sessions, so I need to catch up on those today, but we got to enjoy the Sunday session together yesterday!

General Conference Breakfast

We don't have a set conference morning breakfast tradition, but it's always something yummy! Cinnamon rolls, hot chocolate, and four hours of inspiration from the comfort of our living room. It was the perfect day! I didn't have to shower until I wanted to, I could stay in my pajamas all day, we relaxed on the couch, and nobody fell asleep this year (except the puppy who was annoyed that we wouldn't play with him)!

I want to go to a session at the Conference Center at some point, or at least hang out on Temple Square and enjoy the great weather while we listen to our prophet speak. How do those of you who have been to a session live get tickets for that? Joe likes to refer to General Conference as his Superbowl, he never watches football, but this weekend was a huge deal for him.

Relaxing Together

Picking my favorite talks is hard, especially since I still haven't seen most of Saturday sessions. If you want to listen to some of them yourself, you can do that on this page right here. Or you can search #ldsconf on Twitter and read the quotes that impressed people. Once I've had a chance to go through all of the sessions, I will post our favorite talks and why we love them so much! One day we'll be to the point where we can sit and watch every session of conference from the comfort of our couch.

Did you watch conference? Which talk was your favorite?