Sometimes I Struggle

They say that it's great to laugh at yourself right?! Well, last night was one of those times that I laughed hysterically at my own ridiculous actions. I guess it probably didn't help that it was after midnight and I was extremely tired and I get a little strange then anyway. Joe always has a hard time believing that I'm so worn out because I get so hyper and can't stop laughing at the littlest things once I start. Ok, here's my story:

I got home from work last night and was so excited because Joe had cleaned our apartment, even though I knew he'd cleaned it, it was just fun to see what he had actually done! He'd put all of the laundry away that was on our bedroom floor, and any of my stuff that he didn't know what to do with, he laid nicely on top of the drying rack for me. Our bed was made, the apartment was vacuumed, etc. I needed to empty the dishwasher so I did that and then started loading it with the things in the sink. While I was loading it, I needed to rinse some things off better and noticed a new scrubby sponge looking thing on our sink. I was all confused about when Joe had gotten a scrubber and why he'd made a special trip to the store just for that, so I text him about it and never got a response. It turns out that he did respond with, "What scrubby thing?" but I never got the message. This scrub thing was really odd I thought, it was mesh on both sides and then surrounded by a thick rubber ring thing. One side of it was just white and the other side had a faucet pattern on it, kind of fitting for a sponge...I think... right? It sort of worked for getting food off of plates, but I kept thinking that our regular sponge probably worked better and Joe's just crazy! He does always say how he wishes he had a sponge with the rough side for scrubbing, so I just figured he tried to get that. Anyway, after cleaning all of my dishes and things, I rinsed it out really well and put it there to dry on the edge of the sink for the night. No big deal!

Last night, Joe and I were getting ready for bed and I asked him about the scrubby thing and he goes, "I text you back, what scrubby thing are you talking about?" I told him, "The one that was on the edge of the sink and looks like this......." Joe's face was priceless, that alone was enough to make me laugh. When he informed me, "That's the air filter for our vacuum, I cleaned it today and it was sitting there to dry for 24 hours!" I about died! OOooooops....... The best part is, I don't think he realized for like five minutes that I had used it as a sponge, but I was laughing so hard and he just kept shaking his head at me until finally he goes, "Wait, did you wash dishes with it?" Well of course, I thought it was a new sponge, I had to try it out! Bahahahahahahaha, he was dying, but I was laughing so hard I couldn't stand up or breathe!!!! I'd even collect my wits and be fine, but within three minutes, if I looked at Joe or the sponge or thought about it, I'd bust up again, it was bad! Oh man, even this morning when I saw his facebook status, "I'm so glad my wife assumed the air filter from my Dyson vacuum was supposed to be used to clean dirty dishes." I started giggling all over again! Sometimes I just crack myself up! 

He's still so confused about how I thought it was a sponge for cleaning! The faucet pattern on it supposedly means that's where you put the water or something, but I think my interpretation of it is just as believable!

Have you ever had any weird, spacey moments that you just can't stop laughing about?