So Your Plans Didn't Pan Out? Smile And Make New Ones!

They say life is what happens when you're busy making plans.

Which is why besides having a general idea of things to do (such as dates, workouts, LSAT prep tests, project deadlines, etc.), I try hard to not make super detailed plans anymore. I actually used to make lists and plan out practically every hour of my day, which helped me be organized and know what I did and didn't accomplish. However, that'd also help make feel SO bad when, for instance, I'd get a cold and suddenly had to take not one but three+ days off, meaning I'd have missed dozens of to-dos.

LIFE is what happens when you're busy making plans

In light of those growing pains, I've learned two important lessons:

  1. Don't have much to do (kidding! That's impossible, huh?): Or rather, have a big idea of what's on your agenda, prioritize, and know when to carry out and when to ignore each one and until when; AND
  2. Smile/suck it up and make new plans

The second one REALLY came in really handy this week...

To celebrate our family's having become U.S. citizens three years ago this past weekend, we took Columbus Day off (which is when our big day happened) and had planned to go look at pretty Fall landscapes (because, Utah) and take some family pictures.

Well that Monday morning my parents decided to go over to Malad to try their chance at the Idaho State Lottery (something they do every couple of months). Round-trip, the Malad-SLC journey lasts about three and a half hours. My parents left at about 9:30 after an appointment and got home at almost 1 PM. (Later when I asked my mom WHY IN THE WORLD they hadn't gone on the weekend--they'd have left at 6 and would have come home by 9ish--she said she had forgotten. Bless their hearts.)

Anyways, by the time we were all pretty and ready to go, it was almost 2. Then after driving for about ten minutes, I told them we were heading to the Alpine Loop--about ONE hour away.

They weren't pleased. (That's an understatement.)

McKayla is not impressed

So then mom, who didn't want the plans to just go POOF, thought of some park to go take pictures at and nowIwasn't happy because I really wanted to check out that famous Loop. But fine, I wasn't going to ruin everything so I soldiered on as though my fantastic idea hadn't just been shattered.

Then lo' and behold, Sunnyside Park (near Foothill Dr. in SLC--much MUCH close to our house) was in fact GORGEOUS and the colors were so Fall-y, my faith was slowly getting restored:

Sunnyside Park in SLC

Pretty, right?

Anyways, we were able to get several more great shots, including these ones:

Annie - Sunnyside Park 2
Annie - Sunnyside Park 1

And that's how I literally smiled and made new plans. And I loved every second of it. And even got some evidence!

So how have YOUR plans unexpectedly changed lately and how did you turn them around to make them into something better/different?