Settling Into Our Home - Marriage & Relationship Goals

This past week, as I've been wandering around my house trying to find things that I need, I realized that the only rooms in the house that have been unpacked and organized are my kitchen and our family room (aka the dvd's and games). The master suite is slowly coming together, but because we don't have dressers in there yet, our clothes are still scattered across a few different rooms and are being stored in laundry baskets and boxes. Yes, we've been living in construction chaos, in limbo, waiting for things to be finished so that we can fully move in, but we've lived in our house for two and a half months now and I feel like I should probably have more done.

The room of unpacked boxes... like the Island of Misfit Toys

We're so close to finishing the major renovations within our house, and I'm hoping that everything will be complete in the next two weeks. When we first moved in at the end of July, Joe said, "I think we can be settled in and feel like we actually live here by the end of November." I laughed, because I didn't think it would take us that long, but I guess the joke's on me, because that deadline is coming up quickly. Not feeling completely at home in our house and having no idea where to find things when we look for them is stressful and I don't want to live in chaos anymore.

On Saturday night, I started to make progress in the house. I've been vacuuming, and decluttering every single room. My goal is to have every room (except the one that's full of boxes) cleaned and free of clutter by the time our renovations are finished. For the day or two after we reach that point, I want to move all of our boxes out of the office, into the rooms where they belong or into the spare bedroom in the basement, in an organized fashion so that we will know where things are. From there, my goal is to get one room a day unpacked and find a place for everything to go. I know that this will take longer than a month, but if I start now, I think that by Thanksgiving, we can finally feel settled into our home and it will be ready to decorate and live in the way we want.

The newly carpeted room waiting for some box organization!

At the end of November, we will have owned this house for six months and in that time, we have spent HOURS doing projects on our own or together. I'm ready to have free time to spend good, quality time together instead of feeling like we need to be doing something to finish our house. (Even though there will be plenty of projects to work on for years to come.) I can't wait to achieve this goal!

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Marriage & Relationship Goals