Lessons We've Learned About Married Life (According to Amberly)

True story, I tried to get Joe to help me out with this post like I did with yesterday's about money, but it was stressing him out so I'm on my own. He doesn't like it when I give him homework, and since it's our anniversary weekend and I'm trying to be a nice wife, I decided to drop it. I'm just going to hope that Joe agrees with my ideas of the things we've learned over the past three years ;) If not, too bad so sad, he gave up his opportunity to speak his mind ;) jk

We've learned that our marriage has less conflict if we have a dishwasher. We will have gone almost a year without one by the time we move back into our house and it's one thing that both of us are looking forward to. Less fights and a cleaner house! I actually think that's Joe's favorite part of our new house. It's the simple things folks.

We've learned that puppies are a necessity in every household/marriage. Howie encourages us to go on walks more, he gives us unconditional love, we always have something to talk about when he's around, he's taught us to be more responsible and share that responsibility, and he's slightly less responsibility than a human child would be. Watching Howie and Joe play every day is the most entertaining thing in the entire world. That poor puppy, we torture and tease him for our own entertainment (nicely of course). We just can't resist his fluffy little puppy face.

We've learned that weekend getaways are a must for us! Because Joe and I both have such busy schedules and something going on all the time, the quality time that we need and want in our marriage doesn't always happen. At least twice a year, we spend a weekend away together, relax and just enjoy each other's company. I never want to come back to reality after those weekend are over and I wish we could have one once a month.

We've learned that we really hate to move. It's stressful for both of us, I tend to turn into a monster, and we argue a lot about really stupid things. I'm excited that buying a house means a more permanent living situation for us and we'll hopefully only have to move one more time in our lives. (I'm not crossing my fingers on that one too much though, making plans like that always gets me in trouble).

We've learned that money doesn't always have to be a negative topic in marriage. If you are both willing to communicate and talk openly about money, it doesn't have to be a scary subject. It's a constant conversation because money, budget and finances are always changing but being willing to discuss it makes all the difference!

What lessons have you learned throughout your marriage so far?