My Valentines Gift

I'm so excited about the present that Joe got me this year for Valentines that I just have to show you all. I'm still kind of mad that he stole my anniversary gift idea, but I'll get over it! So, once again, Joe's mission president had a framed copy of their certificate of sealing hanging up in their house and Joe always liked that idea but wanted to take it further. He's been telling me ever since we were engaged that he wanted to get ours matted with a picture of us on our wedding day in front of the temple. I think it looks so great and it's a great keepsake for us! I wish I'd had it when I started decorating my apartment because I don't really have anywhere fantastic to put it now, but I'm sure we'll figure something out! We love it and it's something that we'll treasure forever!

Framed Certificate of Sealing

Have you given or received any gifts that have significant meaning?