Christmas at Temple Square

One of my very favorite things about Christmas are the lights!! I love lights so much, and one day when we have a house, you can bet that I'm going to decorate with lights. Our Zoolights trip was awesome, but you can't have a Christmas without visiting Temple Square! Funny story though; last year when we went to Temple Square (it was actually exactly a year ago yesterday), I thought Joe was going to propose to me the whole time.....kind of. I wasn't sure how he would have gotten my ring by that point, and I wasn't even thinking about it until he was just suspicious and I guess, let's face it, I probably was thinking about it in the back of my mind all the time. Joe had twisted his ankle that day at work and I told him that we could go later in the week if he didn't want to walk on it but he insisted we go that night and hobbled through the whole thing. Add that to him constantly glancing at me with some cute smile or something and then he kept going back to places we'd already walked and had to go see certain things.....ok, so it doesn't sound THAT suspicious, but to me, it was. So, our last trip to see the lights was kind of full of a bit of anxiety and paranoia, go me!! I never told Joe about that until we got married I don't think, and then I had to read him my journal entry about it because it entertained me how dumb I was!

This year, we started off our date at The Olive Garden, thanks to my sister-in-law who gave Joe a gift card for his birthday! Yummy!!! One of my friends always teases me that I get the same type of dish at all Italian or pasta places, so yesterday I got brave and tried something completely new! I had portobello mushroom stuffed raviolis in a cheese and sun dried tomato cream sauce and oh man, it was DELICIOUS!!! I'm excited for the leftovers at lunch today! Joe had lasagna, and a whole basket of breadsticks ;) jk!

After dinner, we walked over to Temple Square and looked at all of the lights! I decided that I would not have enough patience to be the one to put those up every year, they're so perfect and cover every inch of tree.

Lights on Temple Square

 Waiting for the Nativity story to start!

Lights on Temple Square

 I made fun of Joe because his eyes always look like he's opening them wide in pictures so he "made them smaller" for this one! What a goof! I love him!

Lights on Temple Square

 I was trying to get a picture of us with this in the background, next time I'll bring friends so there's someone handy to take the picture for me because as you can see in the previous pictures, I didn't do so well!

Lights on Temple Square

We took a quick sit on the freezing cold bench to take a picture with the lights!

We had so much fun in Salt Lake, even though it was cold! I had my cute new earmuffs to keep me warm and Joe was jealous, ask him! ;) 

After the lights, I needed to do some baking and frosting so while Joe worked on a project and skyped with a friend from Mexico, I baked cookies and frosted some others and worked on a project of my own. I learned, while listening to Joe's end of the conversation, that I understand enough little words in Spanish that I can figure out what he's talking about and even better is when he's looking at me and making "If she could understand me right now, I'd be in trouble." faces and I know he's saying something about me. He had fun though and really loved chatting with a friend that he hasn't seen in over a year. I had fun frosting and baking and painting and decided that I need more cupboard space in my kitchen.

Christmas Baking

Christmas time is so much fun! I just wish that I had enough time to do everything I want without going insane!

Where is your favorite place to see Christmas lights?