The Ring & My Awesome Fiance

Joe picked my ring out all on his own! I told him that I wanted a princess cut diamond and that I wanted it to be somewhat embedded so it was easier when working at the salon, but the rest was all him! I think he did a great job and I love it! I think my proposal story makes it obvious that I didn't make things very easy on Joe there at the end, (I'm not very patient by nature and I'd been very good, until the last few days) and kind of through the whole deal to be honest. I was convinced that I knew his every move and exactly when the ring was coming and that he wasn't going to be able to trick me at all. To a extent, I was right, but he did a good job keeping it from me, and I want to tell you how!

Joe picked the ring out all on his own and customized it to be what he thought I'd like! I wasn't 100% sure how I felt about a square main diamond with round diamonds on the side because I'm a very uniform person and square with square just sounded right, but I really think I love this more than I'd love anything! He did a good job, did he not?!

Engagement Ring

I was never really sure if Joe had the ring in his possession or not. I knew that he'd customized it and had to wait a while for it to be done. Every time he had a day off, I'd ask him what he was up to all day long. I was determined that I would figure out when he picked up the ring and then I could prepare myself so I wouldn't be completely caught off guard and cry or be speechless or who knows what other things I would do that would've been embarrassing. The Thursday before our trip, he said he just went to lunch at Subway with his mom and then I knew that he'd watch LOTR all afternoon. That was his day off so I was a little bummed to think that he really didn't get the ring. I still had hope because Friday he didn't work until noon or so and I thought he might go get the ring that morning, especially since he was texting me a lot earlier than normal and had plenty of time. All of the things he did that morning (and I know he really did them) didn't leave a lot of time for that either, so once again I was bummed. By our road trip, I was dying to know if he'd picked it up at some point before and I just wasn't aware of it, and I convinced myself that I wasn't getting a proposal until later in the week because he might not have the ring yet. Then again, he was working 10 hour shifts all the next week, when would he have time to go get it?! I was a very confuzzled girl. Points to Joe. He HAD picked it up on Thursday before going to lunch with his mom and managed to elude all of my questioning.

The next thing I was worried about was whether or not he'd talked to my dad yet. When I was on the phone calling my dad to tell him we were engaged, I turned to Joe and said, "Wait, did you talk to my dad!?" My dad is usually at the office where I am, and the times that I'm not at the office, I'm with Joe or Joe is working. I couldn't imagine how he pulled that one off without me finding out, but he did. He called my dad Thursday morning before going to get the ring and set up a breakfast date for Friday. They met at the McDonald's by our house and talked before I even left for work.They left right before I would've driven past so I didn't see their cars and I just assumed my dad had a work meeting that morning so I didn't know any better. More points to Joe!!!

I still haven't figured out how he managed to hold onto the ring all weekend long without giving it to me! I didn't make it all that easy, but he held out! He's a trooper! Want to know what a brat I am?

  1. On Thursday I kept pestering him about when he was going to have time to pick up the ring and have it on my finger by March like he'd promised if he hadn't gone that day. I'd also been asking him all week if I was going to be officially engaged by the time our road trip rolled around and he would never give me a straight answer.
  2. On Friday, I was being stubborn and just wanted to do homework and watch a movie because I didn't feel good and Joe wanted (but really didn't) to go to a YSA dance. He was sure that deep down I really wanted to go and was going to hate him for life if he didn't take me. He's still learning that I won't hesitate to hold back when I want things, but we'll be patient with him. At the dance, the song 'Single Ladies' came on, so my friend Nicki and I sang to him about how he should put a ring on my finger if he liked it. All he'd say in moments like that was, "I'm trying!!!" (I never knew if that meant that he was trying to get the ring faster or trying to figure out how to propose faster or...what???)
  3. On Saturday, he got off easy because I was sick and miserable and didn't have the energy or the brain power to think of bugging him about things. Lucky him. :P We did have a really nice date to the symphony that night where we listened to Broadway music and then walked around downtown.
  4. On Sunday, when we got to Joe's Grandma's house, around the dinner table, the topic of proposal stories randomly came up and Joe and I kind of looked at each other and laughed. They were asking everyone how they proposed and Joe and I were the only ones without a story but I was tempted to turn to him and say, "So, what's our story going to be, Joe?" I controlled myself though.
  5. Monday was probably my worst day and Joe claims he almost cracked. When we were filling up with gas before our drive to St. George, one of Joe's friends from the MTC pulled in and I heard him ask Joe (through the close windows), "Did you do it? Are you going to?" I couldn't hear anymore of the conversation, but I most certainly asked him about it when he got back in the car and he acted like I was crazy and had no idea what I was talking about. I started to get mean and bug him about the fact that he didn't trust me to read his texts to him while he drove so he could respond sooner and that he was hiding lots of stuff from me, (well duh!!!) and he should just trust that I would be obedient. When we were watching TV later that night, I got vicious and I think that's when he almost just cracked because I was being a stinker. I should've just gone to bed when I got tired and grumpy because I wasn't a nice person at all!
  6. We all know what happened on Tuesday with the proposal and how I couldn't just roll with it because I was so paranoid. I think Joe made it work quite nicely though!! I liked it!!

My future father-in-law told me last night that when you keep trying to figure out all of the surprises, the surprises stop coming. I guess I'm not good when I know that there's a surprise, but I'm going to try and be better. Good thing Joe's patient and more stubborn than I am!! :)

Did you know when your ring was coming?