Quality Time

Have you ever taken the 5 Love Languages test? I think before Joe even asked me to be his girlfriend, I somehow got him to take this while we were chatting on Facebook one night. We both discovered that one of our top two languages is Quality Time. So, what happens when I work both full time and part time, go to school full time (12 online credits) and am planning a wedding and then Joe works a full time job, and is trying to start up a new company? It never seems like we get enough "quality time" together. Joe watching TV while I do homework is always great, and we love hanging out with friends and family, but the "just us" time that we really want, doesn't seem to happen.

Quality Time in a Relationship

Two weeks ago was my spring break and I was really excited because I wouldn't have homework and Joe and I could actually do something fun. HA! I should probably start learning never to make plans because they never work out how I want, and then Joe tells me, "I knew your plans weren't going to happen." Gee, thanks for warning me buddy! ;) Anyway, Monday and Tuesday, I had some things that had to get finished, so the time spent with Joe wasn't as quality as I would've liked. The rest of the week, Joe was tired from work and had to go to bed early, so by the time I got off work or we got done with things we were doing with family and friends, he was out and I was home being bored. So much for spring break. No homework and no Joe, so I got a lot of me time.

On the plus side, I think we more than made up for lost time this past week, and it was great!!! On Monday, Joe needed to drive to Utah county to pick up an aerator for his business and invited me to come with him. I made sure I got my homework done during my lunch break so that I could, and our three hours in the car just chatting was really great! The rest of the week, we seemed to get a lot of time together as well, but not as much as we did Friday!! Friday was my favorite ever!!!

Joe's cousin, got married on Friday. We were invited to the luncheon and I took the afternoon off work to go. We enjoyed spending time with family and celebrating their marriage. After the luncheon, we crashed on my couch to watch 'The Italian Job' because Joe's never seen the ending. I decided to take Joe to Cafe Rio because he's been craving it for a long time and he converted me to the place by letting me eat a bite of his pork burrito. He claims that my whole countenance changed after that bite and I wouldn't stop staring at his food for the rest of the meal. We spent the rest of the night with his family and then played cards with Joe's sister and her husband.

Twelve hours of quality time in one day? We'll take it!

How much do you appreciate the little moments of time that you get with your spouse?