Our Romantic Night In

On our first Valentine's together, Joe thought it would be funny to fake propose to me with a clear, strawberry flavored ring pop (his mom's idea) after a yummy dinner at The Spaghetti Factory and cuddling while we watched a movie from Redbox. It was perfect, even though I was slightly grumpy that there wasn't a real ring on my finger yet.

Valentine's Past

It's been a couple of years since then, and Valentines is still one of my favorite holidays. I tend to go a little overboard. Our first year married, we celebrated for an entire week because I was that excited, and last year we kept the actual day pretty low key and then went away for the weekend (and became pet parents).

This year I had big plans for the weekend, since today is a holiday and we had an extra day off, but the closer it got, the more things I cut out of our schedule and the more relaxed my plans became. It ended up being perfect though, lazy was just what we needed right now.

Valentine's Roses

The beautiful flowers Joe let me pick out for myself ;)

We switch off planning and this year was my turn. I don't like to go fight crowds, and Joe is usually home late from work anyway, so I decided to plan a special dinner at home. Joe always raves about these street tacos in Mexico with al pastor in them, and I thought they might be fun to make. I scoured Pinterest for a recipe that looked legitimate and found a couple that I decided to combine. They took longer to make than I planned (partly because we only have a George Foreman grill), and I didn't end up having the time or the energy to go find all of the right spices, so they were more Americanized than I wanted, but I think Joe really appreciated the thought and the effort! They were yummy, and I can't wait to taste the real thing when we get a chance to go back to Mexico.

Tacos al Pastor
Tacos al Pastor
Tacos al Pastor

After dinner, we snuggled up on the couch with the puppy and watched a movie together. Quiet nights at home seemed to be the theme when I was browsing Twitter this weekend, and I can't say I'd complain about mine at all. It was special, we had quality time, we didn't spend a lot and we had fun together. Our gifts to each other weren't super romantic (with the exception of my flowers I guess), but they were perfect. Joe got money to put toward his gun and I got Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs II and Whitney Ellen's current shirt design (which isn't here yet, but I'm excited for it)!

Puppy Love

^^Howie may or may not have gotten more love than me that night ;) He's spoiled rotten.

Our plans for today were originally to go to the Ice Castles in Midway and hang out up there, but we decided to sleep in, go to breakfast, maybe go see a movie and just hang out at home together instead. I'm not the least bit sorry about it either. I love days off with my husband!

How was your Valentine's/President's Day weekend? What fun and exciting things did you do to celebrate?