Our Month of Fun & Laughter - Marriage & Relationship Goals

Making an effort to have fun with Joe this month has been, well... fun! :) I think my favorite moment from this past week was when we actually had the chance to sit down and eat dinner together. With Joe's late work schedule, I usually eat dinner without him and then heat up the leftovers later, but lately I've been trying hard to have a late afternoon snack and then wait to eat with him. The other night we spent almost an hour eating, telling stupid stories, talking about life and laughing together. Every day since then, I've thought about how much fun it was and that I want to do it more!

One Month of Fun & Laughter

I found this random picture from when we were first dating

Even with the stress of school, work, and every day life, I'm determined to keep having fun with my husband. Whether it's watching a show he wants at night, not making him do so many chores when he's home, or going out of our way to do something fun together, it's going to happen!

How did you do with your goals this month?

Marriage & Relationship Goals