Our First Married Thanksgiving

I first have to throw in a little detail from last Thanksgiving! We had been dating about a month, spent pretty much every day together and not seeing each other at all on Thanksgiving seemed a little sad to me. After our family dinners and my family going to see Harry Potter, we had our usual long chat on the phone before we went to sleep! This one was funny though because I told Joe that I'd shown my grandma a picture of him at Thanksgiving dinner and told her that I was dating him. The following is the conversation we had next, not word for word, but this was basically it.

Joe: "Yeah, my family was teasing me at dinner today."

Amberly: "What were they teasing you about?"

Joe: "Just about us."

Amberly: "What about us?"

Joe: "Oh nothing...."

Amberly: "Joe, what about us?"

Joe: "Jenny was just asking me about you."

Amberly: "What did she ask you about me?"

Joe: "Nothing...."

Amberly: "Joe! Tell me!"

Joe: "Just stuff about us getting married...."

Amberly: "What did you say to her?"

Joe: "I don't know."

Yeah, that was how difficult it was for me to drag it out of him, and I think we ended up discussing it the next day more, but it just entertained me how he kind of put it out there, but I had to pry it out of him! Maybe it's because it was weird for us to be talking about it just one month after we met, I don't know, but within the next few weeks, we'd decided that we were going to get married, and we'd decided on October of 2011 (HA!!!) I thought it was a pretty great Thanksgiving!

This year's Thanksgiving weekend was really nice! I love Thanksgiving weekend because it's always a four day weekend for me, even if I had to go into the salon for a bit on Saturday. Joe had to work every night except Thanksgiving day, and he was gone late, which was no fun, but it meant that the two of us got to sleep in late and hang out every morning and that was really enjoyable.

Thanksgiving day was good, we went to my parent's and had a big feast with my mom's side of the family, which was a lot of fun! My overflowing pecan pie actually tasted really great, it just didn't look very pretty, but whatever, I'll cook it at my mom's next time until I have a non apartment sized oven. After everyone left my parent's house, we went down to Joe's parent's house and hung out with Grandma and everyone there. I was, unfortunately, a bum. My mother-in-law had made Lion House Rolls so I ate a bunch of those and then I was over the top tired, so I slept on the couch while most everyone else played games. It was great to be with family and to get to spend time with everyone!

I made Joe put up our Christmas tree with me this weekend and our lights and I made a wreath. That's what our Thursday night and Friday morning consisted of, and I spent a couple of hours Friday making this wreath. We did get to go to the temple with my family on Friday morning and that was really great!

I think I drove Joe insane this weekend because I've been on a cleaning spree and I've organized and cleaned every corner of our house pretty much. Sorry babe..... Saturday morning we went to brunch with my friend and her husband, it was the first time we've gone on a date with them because usually just us girls hang out.

I feel like it was a really relaxing weekend, never really having to set an alarm, being care free, even our primary class was fairly mellow this weekend! I'm sad that it's time to go back to work, but it's probably good that I have to go be responsible again! Now if I can just finish the last week and a half of homework and tests, I can start having some Christmas fun and drop more responsibilities! ;)

How do you split up your holiday celebrations with your families?