Ask Us Anything - Our First Ever Vlog

A month ago I promised you all that Joe and I were going to record a vlog for you, and today I'm keeping that promise! I personally had a lot of fun recording this, even if it took me ten minutes to build up the courage to hit record. I wish you could have seen us sitting on the couch, me with my finger on the record button and Joe telling me that it's not like it was going to be live or anything and I could restart if I looked dumb. And even though he claims that he hated it, I know Joe had fun recording this as well. Maybe if I bribe him the right way, he'll do it again.

Ask Us Anything

Yes, this is how we interact on a daily basis, I can't stop laughing at him and we are constantly bickering like an old married couple. I apologize for the shaking during the first couple of minutes, I had the computer on my lap so anytime I laughed, it moved with me. And then the lighting isn't as good when we set it on the ottoman. I just couldn't win! Howie even made some small, furry appearances, caused a little trouble and showed off his mad squeaking skills to everyone in the end!

I know that eight minutes is a little long for a vlog, but all of this was too good for me to cut, and I feel like it goes by quickly. I hope you enjoy it and are inspired to submit some questions of your own for next time! P.S. My favorite answer is the one that we thought we'd failed at, it made both of us laugh every time we reviewed the video.

(Lacy from Chosen the Blog also asked a question that I'm just going to answer here.) 

"In going through marriage counseling, what was your least and your favorite parts?"

Joe and I both realize that they suggest couples go through counseling before getting married and a lot of religions require it before the officiator will agree to marry you. It's probably a great idea and really helpful, but it's not something that we did before our wedding and still haven't done, so I can't answer this question. My dear friend Jana wrote an awesome post about what she learned from couple's counseling at the beginning of this month and it made me really want to try a few sessions out! I've always viewed it as something people do when their relationship is struggling, but it can help those of us who have healthy, great relationships make them better! If Joe and I decide to do this in the future, I'll let you know how it goes!