Our Color Code Personalities

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For date night this weekend, I thought it would be fun to take a different kind of personality test and apply it to our relationship. I took The Color Code test a long time ago, but I wanted to take it again and have Joe take it with me. While we ate dinner, we took the test online. While neither of us were surprised by our results, it was fun to read more about our relationship combination and the things we can both do and not do to make our relationship better! I still want to borrow the book from someone to find out about our secondary colors (without paying a lot of money) and read up on both of our personalities, but this was a good start.

^^ Taking the test

Amberly's Personality Color

Joe's Personality Color

What We Need to Know for a Better Relationship

Our Red-Yellow Color-Connection is "Friendly Fire"

"This combination of personalities is a vibrant one. Reds and yellows enjoy verbal bantering and enjoy freedom from most of the emotional baggage and heavy sentiments experienced by other personalities."

We had a lot of fun finding out more about our personality types and how they affect our relationship with each other! I am really excited to implement what we've learned!

If you want to find out what color you are, you can take the basic test on The Color Code website or you can purchase the book to get more detailed results, read all about your color and find out about the different color combinations in relationships. Turn it into a fun date night with The Dating Divas fun Color Code date night idea.

Have you taken the color code test before? What personality color are you?