Our 2014 Goals/Bucket List

I wrote a post about my personal goals and word for 2014 on my personal blog if you want to read those.

Setting goals as a couple is something I was really excited about doing this year and I'm glad that Joe agreed to set some with me. Here are some of our goals/bucket list items to accomplish together in 2014!

2014 Goals


- We will attend the temple regularly. We will visit six different temples, not including our local one.

- We will have our own Family Home Evening weekly.

- We will study the scriptures together.

Physical Health

- We will participate in a fitness challenge together.

- We will walk the dog every night together, even if it's just a short walk around the block.

- We will eat out only once a week, twice at the very most when we have something special going on.


- We will save up enough for a down payment on our first house.

- We will master our envelope system and not overspend.

- We will continue to build our emergency savings until we have enough for six months of expenses.

- We will remain debt free, with the exception of buying a house and getting a mortgage.


- We will have dinner around the kitchen table at least three times a week. We will keep that time technology free.

- We will keep an appreciation journal to help us focus on the great things we're doing and let each other know that we've noticed. (Joe claims he'll never write in this, but we'll see..)

- We will have one date night a week. We will plan fun activities and make our time technology free.

- We will verbalize our favorite things about each other and remind one another that we are loved.