My Husband's Love Languages - Marriage & Relationship Goals

I was thinking about our love languages this past week and had the genius idea to find a way to combine them into one activity for this month's goal. Joe's top languages are physical touch and quality time, and mine are quality time and acts of service. While I can't control his actions and force him to speak my love language, what I do might encourage him to return the favor. ;) 

Quality Time with my Spouse

The one thing I know Joe wishes I would do more is scratch his back. I think that I can safely say that is his favorite form of physical touch. If he could end every day with a good, long back scratch, he would be one happy man.

Cuddling with my Spouse

Before bed each night, I want to spend some quality time with my husband. While I am scratching his back, we can have quality conversation and then maybe if I'm lucky, he'll massage the tension from my neck in return. (Husband, I know you're reading this, can this be our new deal?!) Quality time, quality conversation, physical touch and hopefully acts of service. We'll be killing four birds with one stone and I will have a content and happy husband!

What is your goal for this month?

Marriage & Relationship Goals