My Hobby

The year before we got married, I started taking voice lessons again and loved every minute of it! I was sad when I had to stop to save money, but I've had the great opportunity to take them briefly again for the past few months. I originally was taking them April-June to prepare for my Little Women Audition and then I decided that I really wanted to be part of the summer recital that Gotta Sing Vocal Studios puts on every year, and Joe let me take lessons for a little bit longer.

I have had so much fun getting ready for this recital and choosing my songs to sing! I was able to pick three to sing solo during the concert! I also really enjoyed my dress! It had pockets, and it was a great style and color! I am very happy that I found it and that it was on clearance! :)

Still Hurting was my first song. I think this was the first song that I sang when I started voice lessons with Dave a couple of years ago. I found a great connection with this song, mostly because of a boy that I'd just been sort of dating, but it's become one of my favorites and I was excited to perform it!

Taylor the Latte Boy is a classic me song! I sang this song a lot in high school and actually for one of my voice recitals senior year, and then again at a talent show in cosmetology school. I LOVE this song! It's sort of creepy, but super entertaining all at the same time. Taylor's Rebuttal is pretty great as well! Dave and I were able to hype it up a little bit more and add some props so that we'd not only revived an old favorite but made it lots better! I wish that this had been zoomed out a bit more because you could see that when I was singing "step up to the counter and order" I did a wedding walk down the aisle type thing, etc. My mom wanted to avoid filming the people behind me though, so it's ok. The first part of this song that you miss is, "There's a boy who works at Starbucks, who is very inspirational. He is very inspirational...."

Once Upon a Time I just like because it's fun to sing! It's all butterflies and unicorns and sappy, cheesy lyrics but it's kind of cute at the same time! I like the high notes, and I like how strong the song can be. I just like to sing it, that's all! The first words of this song that you miss are "Has anyone ever read you a fairytale?"

What are your hobbies and are you pursuing them?