My Emphasis

A while back, I shared a little bit about my major, why I chose it and what I plan to do with it after I graduate. Until this semester, my minor was Child Development and my goal was to become a preschool teacher and one day have a preschool in my home. With changes to my career goals this semester came a change to the focus I have in my studies. I changed to an emphasis in "understanding the importance of communication and stress management for healthy relationships" (it's long, I know) and I am so excited to take classes that relate to that topic.

Family and Self Help Books

^^ What my nightstand looks like. I have a lot of reading to do

Some courses I've chosen to take for my emphasis are Stress Management, Interpersonal & Small Group Communication, Family Communication, and Gender & Communication. When I was searching for classes that I wanted to take, I realized that there aren't many specific to the topics I really want to learn more about and hopefully educate people on in the future. I started a Pinterest board of books that I want to read (when I finish the five that I'm in the middle of) and the majority of them cover topics that relate to my major and emphasis.

As part of my one of my class assignments this semester, I was able to help out with a few classes within the community. In those classes, they discussed The Five Love Languages, basic finances for children, and better communication for better relationships. The opportunity I had to work side by side with some amazing marriage and family educators, I have been even more excited about my future career plans and my new emphasis. Teaching others about things that I have so much passion for and helping them understand the importance of their family and marriage relationships sounds more like fun than a job to me and I can't wait to graduate in two years and begin my career!

"Put more quality time and effort in strengthening family relationships." #ldsconf#ElderTeh
— The LDS Church (@LDSchurch) April 6, 2014

How are you using your passions in life in your education or career?