My Anniversary Gift to Joe

Since the second half of Joe's present came in the mail yesterday, I can finally post this, a week or so after it all happened! Sorry for the delay!

I always have a really hard time coming up with gifts to give Joe and then all of the sudden, brilliant ideas hit and I'm set! Let's hope it's this way all the time because his sister always tells me that I'm setting the bar really high this first year and I'm going to be in trouble if I run out of good ideas! My first great idea came to me one night, I'm not sure what triggered it, but I thought it all throughout the next day on my commute to work. Commutes are a great place to think!!

Joe hates debt, it's his least favorite thing in the world!!! He always makes fun of people who buy their spouses brand new cars or big items as gifts. "Here honey, I got you some debt for your birthday!" I guess that wouldn't be true if you paid for it in cash, but you get what I mean. With that thought in mind, I decided that I was going to give Joe the gift of LESS debt for a present, and I was sure that he'd love being that much closer to paying off his truck. I started saving up my tips from the salon and all of our coins and the day of our anniversary, I wrote him a check and created a scavenger hunt (thanks Heidi for this idea!!) to make his little check more fun to find. I made sure that the memo line said, "to pay off the truck" so that he'd know exactly what this money was for. I'm pretty sure he liked it!!!

(Do you like his scruff/beard? He's a little obsessed with it. I think the next day was when he came out of the bathroom and said to me, "I sure can grow an awesome beard huh?!")

The check idea was great, but I felt really lame just handing him a check and that was it. I'm not sure why because I'm pretty sure he would have been more than content with just the money. One of my friends posted a blog about their Valentine gifts and she had made her husband a cute book on Shutterfly for his gift. This got my brain rolling again and I got the great idea to make a book for Joe! After exploring Shutterfly for a bit, I decided that my book was going to be of our first married year together.

I had SO much fun putting this together and I think that I was probably more excited about it than him, but that's ok! I loved that they had idea pages you could use so some of them are idea pages, but a lot I did on my own. I even waited until AFTER our anniversary so that I could add pages from celebrating our anniversary.

Sidenote: I think I messed with every single page a million times to get it just perfect how I wanted it, and I waited a couple of days and would look at it and think about it every day so that I knew I was completely satisfied with it. Of course, as soon as I order it, I'm lying in bed and I think of a handful of things that I wish I'd added or done to make it even better. Oh well! I am happy with how it turned out and I've honestly forgotten my genius ideas that came to me after I ordered, so I'm sure I won't be too bugged!

What did you give your spouse for your anniversary?