Monthly Marriage Goal - Quality Time & Check In

Last week I vowed that this past week would be the winning week and that I would successfully refrain from criticizing my husband and pointing out things that he should have done differently or didn't do at all. I also said that at the end of each day, I was going to write down some things each day that Joe did that I appreciated and wanted to acknowledge and then I would tell him why I loved them. Um... I didn't do that like I said I would, I failed to write anything down.

BUT... Joe was awesome this week! He went grocery shopping with me after a long day of work, he helped me clean our apartment better than it's been cleaned since Christmas, and he let me spend time with a few of my favorite girls on multiple occasions this week.

For the rest of February, I'm going to finish my goal from the first week of January, and make an effort to spend quality time with my husband every day. It's been a lot easier to spend time together this semester with my lighter homework load and our day off together every week. Quality time is really important to both us and our relationship since, like I mentioned a few weeks ago, it is one of the top two love languages for both of us.


This week I am shooting for an hour of time together every day. I am really excited for our fun Valentine's celebration/excursion that we have planned in the middle of the day. Joe works late on the actual holiday, but I have been looking forward to this date/adventure/staycation since we planned it a month ago! Hooray for quality time!

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