Monthly Marriage Goal - Quality Time & Conversation

Every month I set a goal that will help strengthen my marriage. Then on Monday of every week, I tell you all how I'm doing with my goal and I set a mini goal for the week that will help me with my overall goal for the month.

Last week I made a mini goal to have at least one good, quality conversation with Joe every day. This goal wasn't as easy as I thought it would be because there are times when one or both of us will resist having a decent conversation. We will give one word answers, tell each other that we have nothing exciting to say about the day, or just not pay attention to what is being asked. This week I noticed that the more I asked questions and the more I paid attention to what husband had to say, the better our conversations got and the less often we had lame, meaningless chats.

Joe said something to me today that I thought was really awesome! He met someone new at church and was telling me about them on our drive home. When I asked him what he told them about us, he said that they didn't talk about us at all. Then he told me the something awesome, that he is trying to ask people about themselves more often and really care about it. Joe said that he has started to notice that people will ask him how he is doing and he'll answer but never ask them how they are doing in return. Or people will ask him things about himself and he'll do all the talking without ever having interest in return (return shows up underlined and a different color every time I preview it, and I can't figure out why because it looks normal in compose mode, so sorry). I thought that this was great, and it went along really well with my mini goal (that husband probably didn't even know I had) this week, even if it wasn't in direct relation with our marriage.

This week, the last week of this month's goal, I'm going to focus on overall quality time. I love spending time with my husband and having lots of fun and meaningful conversations.

Marriage & Relationship Goals

Oh, and this week while we were at Trader Joe's (more on that tomorrow), we found some yummy avocados (avocados is doing the same thing as return did above, lame!), which turned into a killer Seven Layer Dip, which we devoured together yesterday. It's a little pathetic that we so much time this week talking about the future bean dip we were going to make with those avocados and then that we ate almost the entire pan in one day together. That counts as great quality time and conversation, right?

Seven Layer Bean Dip

What things do you crave and make to snack on?