Monthly Marriage Goal - No Phone on Dates


I tried to be really good with my no electronics in the bedroom after 10 pm this week. There were some nights that I succeeded and others that I know I didn't do as well as I should have. It's been a random week with finals and family things so there were a lot of times that I was publishing my blog posts or studying for my tests while I was in bed, so it wasn't a great week for rules like this. I will try to continue this goal for the next week as well, along with not using my phone at the dinner table which I didn't get to do this week because I didn't fix dinner at all and we ate with family a lot.


 Now that my semester is over, I have a lot more time that I can use to go on dates and spend quality time with my husband. Whenever we go on "unofficial" dates, both of us are guilty of checking our social media and text messages constantly, particularly when we got to the theater, before a show starts and during intermission. This week we have at least three date type activities planned and I want to make it a goal to not use my phone for anything other than taking pictures or maybe posting a funny status from our time together. I want our quality time to be beneficial, I want to talk about life and dreams and just enjoy hanging out with Joe!

What goal do you have for your relationship this week?

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