Monthly Marriage Goal - No Electronics in the Bedroom

Since I'm on a brief hiatus from blogging right now, until the next week or so is finished and my semester is over, with the exception of posts that I've already got mostly written, this one won't be too exciting.

This week, I put aside my phone and laptop and made the decision to eat every meal, except one, at our kitchen table rather than in front of the TV like we've gotten into the habit of doing lately. It has been very refreshing! Joe and I had more time to talk together and the chit chat turned into some great conversations. It made me realize just how attached I am to my electronics. I am constantly using my computer for homework, blogging and other things. I have my TV on quite often as noise and something to keep me company when Joe isn't home and because he and I love to watch TV shows together. And my phone has become my favorite sidekick ever since I upgraded to Smartphone, it rarely ever leaves my side because I'm using it all the time to look things up or something else. We're attached to our electronics from the time we wake up until we turn out the lights to sleep at night. It is something that I really want to work on.

Report from This Week: 

On Monday, it was really difficult for me to eat dinner with Joe and not touch my phone. I'd left it on the cupboard in the other room, and I kept wanting to reach in my pocket for it while I ate, it was so hard not to! It turns out that not having your phones at the dinner table makes you find other entertainment.

Dinner Entertainment

I didn't have any problem after that first day though, and I LOVED having dinners with Joe again. Schedules, schoolwork, laziness, etc. have prevented us from doing that a lot lately, but I'm determined to get back into the swing of things especially this summer when I won't have the homework and other school commitments that I'm used to.

I failed at finding an extra hour every day to have more no electronic time with Joe. We had a lot going on and it just didn't happen. Which brings me to my goal for this week.

Mini Goal:

Once upon a time I told my husband that I never wanted to have a TV in our bedroom. Joe used to fall asleep to his every night so he was a little bummed when I said that. Last summer I had a couple of sick days where I just wanted to lay in my bed and wished that there was a TV conveniently located in my bedroom so that I didn't have to move to my couch if I wanted a little bit of entertainment in between naps. So.... we bought a TV, and I've loved it, I really have, but the TV, our laptops and my phone have become an issue. We might go to bed at 9:30 or 10, but from the time our heads hit the pillows until we are tired and ready to sleep, my husband might be playing a computer game or reading his news articles and Twitter on his phone and I'm usually catching up on reading blogs, blogging, exploring Pinterest, or stalking on Facebook and usually our TV is on with our favorite show. And we are usually awake later than we should be because we get so involved in our TV show or whatever we are looking at online that we don't realize how late it's gotten.

Now that you've heard that back story, you will better understand my mini goal. I want to try and turn electronics off by 10 pm every night. I should ideally be sleeping by 10:30 every night so that I can get enough sleep and be up and going on time in the morning. I think that being in bed, ready to sleep by 10 every night, husband and I will have time to talk about the day and wind down before 10:30. I don't know, it sounds a little ridiculous now that I've typed it all up, but it is something I want to do in an effort to minimize my addiction to electronics.

Do you have a TV in your room? What about other electronics?

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