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One of my very first marriage goals this year was focused on spending quality time with Joe. Since quality time is my top love language and Joe's second, it has a huge impact on our relationship. I want to use that goal as sort of a base for this month's goal because it is something that I need to work on again.

I was really excited for this summer and all of the time that I was going to have to spend hanging out with Joe. It's the first semester since before we met that I haven't been in school and stressed out with constant homework. I even created a whole list of things that I wanted us to do together in the four months I have off.

School ended and all of the sudden I had time to be productive and cross things off of my to do list! The blog started to take up a lot of my free time, I had a lot of things that I hadn't had the time to finish here yet, and it's become my favorite hobby ever. We had a few unexpected, stressful, time consuming things come up that required us to rearrange plans. And then we got our sweet puppy who we love, but who requires a lot of attention to make sure he isn't getting into trouble and time for us to train him.

Shorkie Puppy

While I was reading through some of Bethany's old blog posts on Love the Grows, I came across this gem. (Sidenote: I highly suggest you read that post and the post I sourced to below the image above. Heck, read her entire blog, it will most likely inspire you to be a better spouse and maybe spark some great goals!) After reading that post, I realized that I have let some other priorities of my life overshadow my relationship with Joe. There are a lot of things that always seem to be too important or time sensitive to put off, when I could probably easily say no and put my husband first.

This week, I am going to pay close attention to where my priorities sit in life. I want to assess what changes I need to make in my life so that even after school starts in two months, I can continue to put my marriage first. I don't want it to fall through the cracks when the stresses of life start to creep higher and higher on my list of priorities.

Next Monday, I will tell you what my priorities are, what I spend my free time on, what I could give up to have more actual "free" time and what I will do to make sure the time I spend with Joe is truly quality time. (Questions taken from Making Time for Your Marriage by Bethany Grow.) And the week after that, I'll share with you the boundaries I'm going to set with my other priorities to keep my marriage in that number one spot.

What goals do you have for your marriage/relationship? Link them up below, I would LOVE to read them!!!

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