Monthly Marriage Goal - Just Say Yes

Every month I set a goal that will help me strengthen my marriage. Then on Monday of every week, I will tell you all how I'm doing with my goal and set a mini goal for the week that will help me achieve my overall goal for the month.

This song popped into my head the other day when I typed the title of my post. It's an inside joke between Joe and I. When he proposed, he used fortune cookies, and my fortune said, "Just Say Yes". Of course, I didn't open mine first because I'm dumb, but you can read that story here. After we got engaged, it became our phrase to say, and then Joe found this song and jokingly said that it should be our song. Maybe I'll listen to this a few times until it's stuck in my head and can constantly remind me of my goal.

Report on Last Week:

I honestly can't remember anything from last week. I guess that's a lie, I can remember events and some of the details of said events, and the fact that I didn't get started on any of my homework until the day it was due, and how on Wednesday I was so hungry all day and super grumpy at Joe even though he was being a huge sweetheart. But um... yeah, I don't even know that I thought about my marriage goal much after Monday and I have no real excuse other than life happened, it consumed my schedule and mind, it bossed me around, and it kicked my butt! That's my report, and I wish that I could say I had great success, but I didn't make a conscious effort that I can remember.

Mini Goal:

This week I have already started trying to say yes and make my responses to husband's requests more positive, but he's had one complaint. He feels like although I may respond with a yes, it's the same thing I'd say if I were saying no, I've just twisted the words a bit to make it sound positive. So I think I will work on making my statements truly positive, instead of being just a "no" in disguise.

What things could you say yes to more in your marriage?

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