Money Lessons We've Learned - Marriage & Money

After being married for three years, I feel like Joe and I have learned a lot about how to make money work in our marriage. Joe being the money and investment guru that he is, I've personally learned a lot of things that I never realized or cared about before. I can honestly say that we've never had any major fights or arguments about money in the time that we've been together. It's a subject that we enjoy talking about and we've always been able to discuss things until we come to an agreement.

Marriage & Money

Money Lessons Amberly Has Learned:

I've learned to be better about saving my money and not spending it all on frivolous things.

I've learned that the envelope system isn't as bad as I originally thought and I shouldn't have avoided it like the plague because it's awesome! It's helped me with my spending habits, it's helped me save up for something bigger I might want, and it's helped Joe and I compromise with our saver and spender personalities.

I've learned that getting out of debt takes time and requires sacrifices, but it is extremely worth it.

Money Lessons Joe Has Learned:

I've learned that it's harder to save money when you are married to a spender.

I've learned that you can't use the same budget every month because it's constantly changing.

I've also learned how important it is to start saving for retirement as soon as possible because time is a bigger factor than money really is.

What lessons about money have you learned in your marriage?