MMG - Taking Responsibility for the Puppy

It's crunch time! If you know me, you know that I love to cross things off of my to do list, and um... there is a lot left to do on my list. One of the things I've crossed off, the steak and potato dinner, I'm not sure if it can count. Two weeks ago I had a night when I was going to be off somewhere and didn't plan on making dinner, so I bought Joe a box of barbecue chicken and homemade mashed potatoes from the deli at Smith's. Then this past week my dad invited me to dinner at Texas Roadhouse with the family but Joe had to work, so I ordered his favorite steak and potato dinner with a side salad to go and brought it home for his dinner. I decided that was really sweet of me and he got his steak and potatoes, so it works, right?

Loving My Puppy

I decided this week, on top of everything left on this list, I'm going to really focus on being a better puppy parent. Joe has been trying really hard to train him, and we're really cracking down on potty training. I have the best intentions to get up and take care of him but by the end of the week, I am so worn out, tired, and feel like I've been unproductive, so I usually hand the puppy off to my husband and make him do the majority of the work. Basically, I'm a terrible puppy mom, and I feel really bad, so Joe, because I know you're reading this, I am promising to be on board with sacrificing sleep and time to train Howie this week! You can hold me to that, and I know you will, just maybe be nice about it, ok?

I have plans for the non puppy related items on the list as well, don't you even worry, they are all going to be crossed off next week when I post!

Marriage & Relationship Goals

What will you sacrifice to serve your better half this week?

Serving My Husband

  • Treat him as if he has "Handle with Care" stamped on his forehead.
  • Pray for him.
  • Focus on what he's doing right instead of the negatives.
  • Look for ways to laugh with him often.
  • Scratch his back after a hard day.
  • Give advice in a loving way.
  • Brag about him to other people, in front of him and when he's not there.
  • Make a good steak and potatoes (not the boxed, instant kind) meal for him.
  • Be sure to thank him and acknowledge whenever he does anything to serve me.
  • Take him on a date that includes everything that he'd enjoy.
  • Always have something available for him to take to work for lunch.
  • At least two days a week, look cute at night instead of changing into comfy clothes after work.
  • Compliment him on three things every day. Make him feel like a million bucks!
  • Flirt with him.
  • Invite him to go to dinner at Sizzler or Cafe Rio, two of his favorite restaurants that aren't my favorite.
  • Do some of the chores that I'd normally leave for him to do.
  • Put away his clothes after I wash all of the laundry instead of leaving it for him to do himself.
  • Take the dog out when it's his night to do it so that he can sleep instead.
  • At least one morning a week, let him sleep instead of watching the dog while I get ready for work.
  • Tell him how much I love him every day!